You may not be aware that there are many methods of instruction for teaching and learning how to play the piano. It is not a given that the teacher you choose or the method they use are the best ones for you at this time in your life. Sometimes, we need to see things many different ways before we understand them. Perhaps we need to hear a song before we can play it correctly, so we know whagt we are aiming for. Perhaps we would like personal instruction or perhaps we would be more comfortable learning without anyone watching us. Sometimes, the only way to know is by trial and error.

But you might be able to knock out some ideas for what would work best for you based on what has worked in the past. When was the last time you learned something? Did you enjoy learning? Chances are you needed to hear the new material many times for it to sink in fully. Mastery can take years, it’s true, but perhaps you don’t need to be a master, you just want some fast gratification. Maybe you only want to learn a song or two to play at a wedding or other special family event. In that case, starting out with months of music theory would not be a smart way to go. If you decide you love music, then you can get further into it. But maybe you don’t want to jump off the deep end. If you did decide this was really the thing for you, you could probably study music in a college type setting.

Some people like to grasp the whole of an idea before breaking it down into parts. Some people approach knowledge verbally, some with pictures. Some people like to write about their experiences before they seem real. When I approach the teaching of piano, I seek results quickly. I seek a program that has stages or steps that I can quickly master one after the other. There are a lot of activities competing for my time on any given evening, and I would look for piano instruction that could fit into my schedule whenever I had twenty minutes or so to devote to it. Recognizing that my time limits would likely limit the complexity of the piano pieces I could learn, still I think that the best way is a few minutes a day rather than an hour at greater intervals.
If you want to learn how to play piano, or any instrument, you need to learn what might best work for you in terms of instruction style.

Give this some thought before you commit to a program of study. Decide how much time you want to spend on this and how often. Create some goals around what would qualify you as a successful student and I think you will find that the entire experience goes a whole lot smoother and is more enjoyable for you overall.

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