Becoming a motivational speaker, is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling jobs. But, how do you start a motivational speaking career? Since this job is mostly on freelancing, it would usually be hard for someone to start this job and have a smooth sailing journey and succeed in the motivational speaking industry.

This article will show you the steps on how you can begin your career in motivational speaking. And would give you a general idea on what you should do to save you the hassle, and help you fully plan your motivational speaking career.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Self Audit

Usually, in starting your motivational speaking career, using your own life experience would be the easiest since this would show truthfulness in what you want to express, thus winning the audience trust making it easier for you to motivate and inspire them.

So to start this, you need to check all your life’s experiences. Especially all the things you’ve already achieved like, graduating in college, finding your first job, overcoming a hard trial or a bad habit, starting your own business, learning on how to properly raise your children, or achieving you life’s dream.

People will usually be easily inspired with this, and this would give you your basic material in making your speeches or programs.

Step 2: Choose a Niche. Stick to it

Another important factor in starting your career as a motivational speaker is choosing a niche or a topic you want to focus on. You should remember that this part would be very important, since you need to choose what topic you will be really effective on.

Once your done choosing this topic, you should first stick to it, and develop a reputation as an expert. You should keep in mind that people don’t hire random speakers in the activities they host. They will only choose speakers that they think are experts of the topics that they would be discussing.

Step 3: Identify the people you want as your targets

Once you have chosen the topic you want to focus on, choose and define your audience basing on it. Maybe you would love for everyone to hear your program, but you should remember that your topic may not be suitable on certain groups. It would greatly depend on their age, status in life, a similar life experience, certain issues or problems.

So try to narrow your target audience, because if you will fail to do this, your speech might not become effective as it should have been if it was targeted to right audience.

Step 4: Plan your Speech

Now, since you’re done planning on what you would like to write about, and finished in choosing your target audience. The next step is to fully plan what you will include in your speech.

Since you are still beginning as a speaker, you might need help in writing your own speech, so you can check in your yellow pages and hire a speech writer or a speech coach that can assist in writing your speech. If you choose to right on your own, you can use numerous online references as your resource; there are many websites that offer speech writing guides. Use these to your advantage.

Step 5: Practice your speaking skills

Now, since you already have you own speech, the next step is practicing your speech to a level of mastery so that you can deliver it in a very natural and genuine manner. You might feel nervous, but you should never let your audience see it, since this would greatly lower down their confidence and trust in the things you want to share to them.

You could also practice in a small audience with the people you know, after that try asking them their comments and suggestions. This would greatly help you in improving your speech and removing bad habits or gestures that they notice, in order to improve the way you speak in front of a crowd.

Step 6: Promotional Materials

Now you’re all set up to begin your speaking career and start inspiring others! The next step for you to do is prepare promotional materials for others to check what you have to offer and how they will be able to contact or hire you for a job.

Your promotional package should consist of curriculum vitae, benefits from your speech and your experience, a photo of you and even testimonials. You can also add other things to help your package stand out from the rest.

Step 7: Find Potential Employers

Try finding potential employers; you can try out schools, non-profit organizations, conventions, government agencies and corporation. It isn’t a requirement to get a fee from your first jobs. Remember that you still need to build a reputation. Through doing this, you will be discovered by other potential employers.

Also try putting up your own website or writing articles on periodicals, this would help in promoting yourself, thus, giving you great opportunities of being hired. Once you have the required experience, you can already start going to a speaker’s bureau, this is like a speaker’s community where they could represent you for more jobs.

This sums up the step’s in beginning you career as motivational speaker. The road to this career might be long and bumpy, but with persistence and hard work, I’m sure you’ll be able to make it and help others achieve personal growth.

Josef Striker is an article writer and motivational speakers for James Rick. James Rick is successful speaker who dedicate his life in helping others achieve personal growth and their full potential. He is also a very successful Virtual CEO employing more than 100 employees around the world. He believes that helping people achieve personal growth and dreams is a very great achievement. To check more about James and the book he wrote you can visit

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