What’s Holding You Back From “Flow?”

Wouldn’t it be great to have access to the infinite wisdom of the universe to ‘flow’ through you into your creative profession or hobbies?

Yeah, thimages (2) at sounds like some wishy-washy metaphysical thing but it isn’t, when it’s used and applied. Flow is presented in the greatest works of music, art, film and print that has existed in history.

It’s that point where an inspirational source transcends the limits of the creative person and literally moves through them into form onto the instrument, notepad or production equipment in front of them.

Ok, so what is holding YOU back from Flow? What’s holding you back from being your own Michelangelo, Stephen King, Santana or Hans Zimmer?

And I assume you’re already WORKING a lot but just aren’t reaching those higher levels of inspired, genius-level creativity.

WORK ALONE can’t be the answer and you’re right. I’ve taken a different approach and hyper-built my dynamic State so that creative work in any field is easy.

So let’s take a different approach than work DECADES and then you get good at your field. Let’s look at how with basics mastery, you can transcend your past limitations and turn things to gold.

If you look at the greatest creators and producers in history they have several things in common.

1. They are extreme in their creative abilities – they are the Cause and they are NOT conditioned, social byproduct good consumers

2. They have mastery or their environment and what affects their State of mind and they set it up for Creative, prodigious success instead of anything that would limit them or throw them off track

3. They have access to abilities beyond their own power and technical mastery, even experience: Flow

So if you want to access flow yourself, here are a couple things you can do to become a modern day creative master simply by getting in those ‘states’ and then applying it to your production platform when inspired.

It’s very important to see yourself as the cause and creator.

True creatives think VERY VERY differently than the response or effect end of mass consumers.

Producers have a different relationship to all the social power and distribution. Hang out with other real producers or creators who have a habit of being the cause and creating. Watch YouTube videos of the best creators in your field in the studio or at work.

Think more like them and next, really take control over the types of programs and relationships that are affecting your state of mind.

You may have been conditioned into NON-GENIUS, NON-creativity just by being a receiving end of popular social programming. This is a more serious issue than it sounds and a lot of people can’t put a finger on why they’re not creative.

So instead of having late night t.v. and a sports game as your greatest causes in life, replace them with non-egoic, emotional causes which will effect a state of higher creativity in you instead of conditioning you into a responsive, disempowered consumer.

Hey, you can still enjoy certain consumerama things (with relational mastery) but SERIOUS professional creators bring in higher or different levels of inspiration to create at higher levels. I go into this in more depth in my video on the website, but doing these things will really set you on the path to professional performance, creation or output.

And finally (for this article)

Reach non-egoic and emotionally dynamic States. These allow you to transcend your limited, conscious, work-based and socially conditioned responsive EGO. They get you closer to ‘flow’.

By becoming more ‘present’ now, you aren’t relying on years of hard work to achieve creative mastery.

This is critical for serious production because otherwise you’ll be forced to put in YEARS AND YEARS of ‘earning your dues’ in an ego-based ‘work’ focused angle in your creative profession. You can achieve the state and then apply it with just a basic mastery of the tools in your profession.

Emotional state conditioning is a way that can help ‘bridge’ you over into more presence and get you more in touch with the wisdom of the universe beyond your own limitations.

Again, if you DON’T become more emotional or non-egoic, you will be stuck in your ego-based mind to create new things. That can include past programs of ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I suck at this instrument, who am I kidding’? ‘I couldn’t create music as beautiful as Hans Zimmer’, etc.

So doing any form of meditation or anything that will help get you OUT of your own ego, will help in the creative process.

Read Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’. Start doing meditation, Holosync or try out relational meditation. These will help you access the powers beyond your limited thinking and then it’s just a matter of capturing, performing or recording it when that inspiration strikes.

When you can condition flow, you’ll become more of a true creative professional flow because your production results always come from yourimages (3) production capability.

With the universe on your side, you’ll be stunned at the beauty you can create and be licensed under your ‘name’ even when it didn’t feel like it was YOU who really created it!

Are you a professional creator, performer or producer? Want direct access to unlimited creativity and production capability so you can break beyond all plateaus and flow at world class genius levels? There is now new State training technology to consistently achieve the desired ‘State of Flow’..the same, non-egoic state that the most prolific creators in history have used. Now you will know how to powerfully access it.

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