Why An All-Girls Boarding School Can Be the Top Choice For Your Daughter’s School and Education

All girls’ boarding schools provide the same type of community, culture and learning opportunities that co-ed boarding schools do, the difference being that the attention and spofmjmtlight is entirely on the girls. In a classroom filled with equally capable, focused girls, students are more willing to participate, volunteer information and demonstrate their mastery of the material. Without the distraction of boys nearby or in a boarding school surrounding, girls dominate. And that sense of empowerment carries over into their college and professional careers, studies have found.

Improved Self-Esteem and Ambitions

Stanford University researcher Cary Watson investigated the impact of the single-sex school environment on girls’ career aspirations and found the following: “Girls at all levels of achievement in the single-sex schools received a benefit from the single-sex school environment in terms of heightened career aspirations, an effect unprecedented in any other portion of our study. Clearly, girls in single-sex schools exhibit a belief in their talent and potential that is measurable.”

Increased Class Participation in All Girl’s Schools

Where boys are more likely to raise their hand or offer an opinion more frequently than girls in a co-ed classroom, girls overcome that reluctance when boys are out of the picture. That participation and sharing of ideas leads to increased interest in the subject and, often, better grades. Demonstrating subject-matter knowledge is much less likely to be discouraged in an all girls’ classroom.

Reduced Emphasis on Social Life

While teenage girls are interested in having a social life, single-sex boarding schools can control when and where socializing with boys occurs, keeping the focus on learning while girls are in the classroom.

More Collaboration, Not Competition

It is no secret that junior and high school girls frequently vie for the attention of the boys in co-ed classrooms, but when classmates are all girls, the atmosphere changes. Learning takes precedence over attracting attention and closer friendships thrive.

Emphasis on Math and Science Skillsolol

Girls typically lose interest in the more quantitative school courses over time, but less so in all girls’ boarding or Prep schools. Students there are encouraged to continue studies of technology, math and science, in addition to the more traditionally feminine subjects like English and foreign language. Showing girls that all career paths are open to them is a key difference in girls’ boarding schools.

Not only are all girls’ boarding schools focused on teaching girls, they teach using methods that match how girls process information. Students learn better, perform better and develop a level of self-confidence that leads to success as graduates.

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