Why Hard Work Beats Raw Talent Any Day Of The Week

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.
~Tim Notke

The eternal wisdom inherent in life itself, indwelt of God, is testimony why the tortoise beat the hare, and will do ever more wherever the proverbial hare is morally sluggish.

This is a great and worthy encouragement for all humankind; for the person, particularly, with a healthy innate desire but is short on so-called talent. And we have all derided the person, who, having their talent, squandered their opportunities that come precious rarely to others. vv

It is why, moreover, we have come to admire those with both talent and diligence – true champions in any field.


Diligence is one of the two great virtues of personal mastery (the other is prudence).

As a guiding virtue, it manufactures circumstances implicit of fortune – that some might call “luck” – ensuring that matters of achievement, even in the realm of the talented, will be secured. Diligence, unique to many other virtues, exemplifies both tenacity and resilience; worthy guides for life.

The abilities of hard work – namely, diligence – are a talent all their own.

And the person who masters such an informed and wise ability to harness faith, hope, patience and resolve – forming diligence – has mastered the king of brilliance, for such a glittering thing as brilliance is otherwise short-sighted without a method to assure its success.

College and university degrees are perhaps a most poignant example where hard work, not nous of fabulous intellect, most often gets people over the line – even to the establishment of distinctive performance.


This may be where faith strikes at its glorious and most miraculous best; and is only later explained by the investmenvt of hard work.

Hard work, when it comes to dreams, requires having faith for an unseen objective as it prevails over the life we presently know.

The dream will require faith beyond every single other person who might dispel such dreams as folly, yet it only takes one person to believe a goal can be achieved: the person who works hard at their goal. It is theirs and nobody else’s.

Having faith in diligence is the key to the achievement of any goal, for hard work beyond giving up and the creativity of navigation is the only way there.


Show me a champion and I will show you not their talent but their hard work that got them there. Anything achievable can be achieved not simply for talent but because of our intensity.

Those with diligent intensity will overtake those with talent.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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