There are so many chiropractic professionals, and there is a discovery of keys and constants as to why some people have such unbridled success in their life and busine bsdgss and others do not!

Despite looking diligently for many years I have only found a few constants and keys that truly help define whether someone is on the fast track to success in their life and business or not!

There are 5 reasons why SYSTEMS help people achieve success in their ideal in their lives and practices/businesses;

1/ SYSTEMS help you define and prioritize who you are and how you want to express your inherent greatness to the world!

2/ SYSTEMS take emotion and discretion out of play thus minimizing the human weaknesses of pre-judging people and things!

3/ SYSTEMS ensure that all of your clients/practice members have a similar (if not identical) experience!

4/ SYSTEMS keep you and your team focused and accountable and your energy constant!

5/ SYSTEMS allow you to work ON your practice/business and not always IN it!

The one consistent objection from clients about systemizing their life/business is that they do not want to feel confined and boxed in by the systems! They feel it will stifle their creativity and not allow them to flow!

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Systems and structure are not designed to confine you they are designed to allow you to progress through the 4 stages of competence. These 4 stages are:


They are designed to get you through these stages quickly so you can focus completely and be present time conscious with the most important aspect of your practice/business which is your client and practice members!

Life becomes sporadic and hectic when business and life is not systematized.

When systematizing life and practice, there becomes the ability to be present with clients and improve the quality of service to help the practice and business grow.

Lets face it, the number one reason most people get involved in service based industries like chiropractic is to help and serve other people bgband be able to interact with them! Systems allow this to happen at an enhanced level!

Another key to not feeling confined with your systems is to look at them as TEMPLATES of action that are followed exactly until you reach the stage of UNCONSCIOUS COMPETENCE! Once you reach this level you can essentially go on “auto pilot” during the more ritualized parts of your day, be more present with the person you are serving and allow that wonderful and powerful Innate expression to rise up and speak and be involved in the interaction!

This is when your intuition really starts to fire and you can interact with and serve the person at an entirely different level! In my experience this is where TRUE MASTERY is possible!

This is where you can not only tap into resources and answers to problems you never felt possible but the Universe also rewards you in a much more fulfilling and rewarding way as the amount of energy you are exchanging far exceeds what your used to exchange!

If you want to serve at the highest level and be compensated accordingly you can’t afford not to SYSTEMATIZE your life and your business/practice as soon as possible!

Dr. Preston began coaching and consulting after many professionals and doctors in his field asked him how he ran one of the world’s most successful chiropractic, family oriented cash practices and still found time to take 10 weeks of holidays per year, work a 20 hour work week and enjoy lots of time with his wife and five daughters.

Dr. Tom has found that removing the blocks to applying the knowledge business professionals already have is one of the main keys to personal and professional growth and transformation! Helping people discover these blocks and then removing them is what he does best.

Be More so You Can Do More

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