By Mercedes Oestermann Van Essen


Elliott Wave Stock Market Analysis recently published a fascinating statistic about the things people worry about:

Here is the list of worries:

things that never happen: 40%
things that did happen that worrying can’t undo: 30%
needless health worries 12%
petty miscellaneous worries: 10%
real, legitimate worries: 8%

of the legitimate worries half of them are beyond our perceived ability to solve.

Isn’t this just amazing? So many of us spend a considerable amount of time worrying ourselves into a blind spot. I could also say we are procrastinating ourselves into going backwards and stifling our life force in the process.

Worry is simply stuck energy


We live in a vibrational universe. Every thought or feeling you have gives off a vibrational frequency. Persistent low vibrations like worrying thoughts, sooner or later translate into energy blocks which are reflected in your life as setbacks, chronic health issues, relationship problems, low self esteem, or career problems. just to mention a few of the more obvious symptoms.

We were brought up to believe that focusing on the things that can go wrong would prevent them from occurring and bring about solutions to our problems. Safeguarding against any future disaster is the path for most of us, be it in business, or other parts of our lives.

While I am not suggesting that you should throw all caution to the wind I am proposing that you start living life from a place of creative sensitivity. This means that you might use your common sense, intuition and imagination to create a more expansive life for yourself. Opportunities will come to you when you open yourself mentally to receiving new things.

Worry, procrastination and any kind of limiting, fearful thinking do exactly the opposite. They choke of possibilities.

Opportunity is a free flowing energy.

I have already mentioned that the universe functions through energetic vibration. Your inner vision creates your outer world and generates your life.

Worry is a relationship killer, a career killer, a joy killer, a health killer. It chokes your life of vital mana, or breath, which is the life force that keeps the universe alive and evolving.

Let’s take another perspective on worry:sadiq-34

The universe doesn’t worry. The universe understands its innate nature and acts accordingly. Every particle knows its job. They all act in unison with each other and act in the moment in accordance with their energetic blueprint. The universe does not waste energy ever and always acts and reacts in a harmonious way to establish a harmonious flow. Notice the word “flow”? Energy always flows. It needs to flow and cannot stand still. It is rather like trying to only breathe in. How long would you live if you were to try that? That is exactly what you are doing when you worry.


Could you and I learn something from the universe? You bet we could. Let me ask you a question: What would your life be like if you decided to simply stop worrying and stopped doubting yourself and instead decided to follow your internal bliss and take appropriate actions?

If you where to stop procrastinating you would have so much more energy, your life would be transformed as the opportunities for positive change we all desire start showing up.

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