Why You Should Own Your Personal Digital Recording Studio

By Gary Shane  

Let’s face it, how cool would it be to start your own Digital Record Label, and should you?

Well, if you play music you’ve certainly must have at least entertained the thought about how exciting it would be to finally get signed to a record label. After all the rehearsals, all the money, the arguments, the time, and the list go on and on.

Finally someone had sat up and took notice of your talents… Right?

Someone at a record label has listened to your music and likes you enough to sign you to become a part of their stable of artists and of course you check them out the best you could with the resources you have and can afford. Better yet you even get a signing bonus.

You’re excited to buy new music equipment and set your self up to go off on promotional tours, playing club after club, in city after city, hotel after hotel, signing autographs at music stores, visiting radio stations and making the necessary promotional rounds.


All the time secure in the thought that your label back home is looking out for your interests and are lending their expertise to create your share of the music marketplace. They’ll show you off, Brag about how you’re the next big “Sound” and then the world too will take note of your music… Right?

Tours over now and you’re tired and very ticked off because you recently found out that you’ve made hardly any money from Mp3 or Cd sales through your label companies efforts and the only money you’ve made is from touring and you still owe money as a result of the tour. Heck, your promotional packages still sit in boxes in the back room of your Label.


They found a new improved band they’re more excited about and you’re yesterday’s news baby, and you’re STILL under contract even though they have no intention of doing anything for you that may cost them money for the next THREE years. They won’t give you back your contract just in case you get big on the internet or something. You’re bound by contract to provide at least 2 more albums to them that you won’t make any money on.

What will you do?… What can you do?

All this sounds like scare tactics, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it is based on many experiences from many artists and this is just the tip of the Iceberg when it comes to knowing the things you need to know about… YOUR BUSINESS.

Well, Thank goodness you’re one of the smart ones that realized all this in advance.

There is a better way. With all the technology available why wouldn’t someone want take charge of their own music. Keep your Publishing Rights, and make more money by licensing your own music. Keep all creative control of your music and much, much more.

If you were going to open a Music Store, wouldn’t it be necessary and wise for you to learn as much as you can about being in the business so you don’t go out of business? There are e-books available that will tell you everything you need to know about starting your own Digital Recording Label.

I’ve played music for many years and have been burned by contracts, all due to lack of information on my part. I’ve cost myself tens of thousands of dollars because I just didn’t know about the business of music. I sure wish this digital download package was available back then.

Music artists of today really have no excuse for not knowing anymore. It’s all wrapped up nicely in a convenient download for less than thirty dollars. Don’t take my word for it but please just do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is the package that does it all.

Gary Shane

Author, Gary Shane writes original trusted informational articles and provides ebooks geared toward understanding, developing and empowering one’s mindset.

All articles written here at SocialScribbler.com are copyrighted original written content written by Gary Shane. These are not acquired articles that are then “spun” by software to make them appear original by changing words around, nor is there a ghostwriter used.

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