OnWork From Home and Make Moneyline With Your Own Website

A popular way to beat the current economic downturn these days is to work from home and make money with your own website. It doesn’t matter if you’re unemployed, or perhaps need to supplement your current income. All you need is an internet connection, some creativity, and with a little hard work, making money online is just 1 click of the mouse away.

It’s simple to think of a traditional “brick and mortar” business but that often takes a lot of time send effort to control it. When you work from home, you are the boss and you make money online with your own website that you control. This can be done in the time frame that you decide upon. That in turn gives you time to spend with the family and doing the other impo 99rtant things you want to do in your life. Setting up the work day is easy, and with a few clicks of the mouse, and the right direction, will have you making money online with your own website.

The way to work from home and make money online with your own website can be quite intimidating. Remember we want to create our own website, not a affiliate or joint venture. We need to be in complete control. Here we can list or publish the product or service we are going to offer. This will take a little work, but it is not rocket science.

When you work from home with your own website, constructing the site can go a few different ways. Some products or services offer site construction and all you have to do is pick the one you think will convert the best. When we talk of converting, we mean customers clicking on you website and deciding to make a purchase or to opt-in. Others, do most of the work and all you do is add things like a video of yourself explaining what your site is all about and what your trying to do. Other online marketers choose to brand themselves and construct a landing page from scratch. That’s what we will touch on here, for the beginner.

To start your site construction, use the following tips:

-Brainstorming. This is a must do thing that we all know how to do. The entire look and feel of your site will come from the list that you create when you brainstorm. This could even determine what you plan to market.

-Discover what your target market will be. After you go over all of the conceptual aspects of your site construction, find your target market. Ask yourself the questions. What am I looking for? What problem am I trying to solve? What pain or burden am I trying to alleviate? Or even, go see whets hot on ClickBank or Amazon. Go from there.

-Figure out how much time and money you have to spend on marketing your business. These figures all affect the profit margin so it is important to have this figure at hand. The more money you want to make online by working from home, the more time, effort, and money will have to be invested.

-Make up your own website name. The main thing to remember here is to use a name that will attract your customers attention. They are more likely to check you out if you do this right.

-Hire a professional. If you don’t want to know stuff like HTML and basic web mastery, look for a professional. There are many listed in the phone book, and that’s where I would go because than you can sit down with someone and go over all the details. If you use someone online, you submit and wait. And the process repeats over and over.

-DIY. There are great sites that are free to download. I suggest KompoZer to get the job done. Play around and get it right here, and your in the game.

-Upload the website you just created. [or had done for you] If your going DIY, You will nee a FTP, or file transfer protocol, try FileZilla. It to is a free download. If you can follow directions, you can do this. There is plenty of help available from the web hosting companies. I use GoDaddy, and when I ever had trouble, I’d call them on the telephone and they would walk me right through it with ease.

-When you work from home and make money online from your own website you need a way to accept payment. Depending on the sale’s maximum amount, you may need a merchant account like First Data or something along those means. Keep in mind, merchant accounts cost you monthly. You might also want to look at third party processing like PayPal.

-ADVERTISE ADVERTISE ADVERTISE… After you get it all tuned in, market your website. Be smart at this and don’t jump at every advertising opportunity that comes your way. Use your budget wisely. Learn to “go fishing.” Use a form of tracking so you can tell what is working now. ClickAudit is an example of an ad tracker.

One thing to remember is that you are only as good at marketing as the education that you have on the subject. There are allot of training platforms and eBooks and webinars out there for you to take advantage of. If you don’t have much money to spend when you first get started, I would spend most of it on training and education first, and take advantage of all the no cost advertising that you can. Keep in mind, there is no get rich quick online like some would have you believe. It takes mindset, determination, and knowledge to be successful when you work from home and make money online with your own website.

Thomas P. Lane has been a successful Master Mechanic and NHRA drag racer for 25 years. He now devotes his time and energies into cultivating entrepreneurs online by applying an honest, ethical approach to Internet marketing. His success in coaching others to become financially independent and optimizing their lifestyles has already put him on top in the Internet marketing world.

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