Human Transformation by 2030

NP: 2030: The Transformation of the Human Family

By James W. Astrada

Human society has undergone many changes in the last few hundred years with the rise and fall of ancient civilizations.  With each metamorphosis including the introduction of technology, the lifespan of these societies seem to diminish more rapidly.  Although there are those looking for ways to improve the overall quality of human beings (whether by science or naturally) somehow we end up destroying the little good we build.  There seems to be a malfunction somewhere within us prohibiting ways of finding peace, balance, and ascension; we seem to only pride ourselves with pain, suffering, and destruction of everything around us.  There is no doubt time for a desperate change in the way the majority of humans see life, and there may be some who plan to grow a new type of society for humanity.  The question now is who this group is and what their intentions will be overall.

A group called the National Intelligence Council (which is groups of U.S. based spy agencies) recently released plans on how humanity and society will be by 2030.  On December 11th, the Council released their report named “Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds.”  This 140 page report stated that “the best brains” within the intelligence sector predicted how humanity will be in just 18 years.  Although many will consider this science fiction, some of the best minds including Philip K. Dick, Ray Nelson, George Orwell, have written famous stories of a future where humans suffer a dystopian society controlled by technology and our own weakness (emotions, desires, delusions including the concept of ‘god’ etc…).

Council Chairman Christopher Kojm seems confident on how this plan might work eventually; however major problems might emerge during the transition:


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“We are at a critical juncture in human history, which could lead to widely contrasting futures.  With the next few years ripe for experiment, the future is malleable, making no time like the present to start perfecting space-age advances once thought to be out of this world. Our effort is to encourage decision-makers, whether in government or outside, to think and plan for the long term so that negative futures do not occur and positive ones have a better chance of unfolding.  With shale gas, the US will have sufficient natural gas to meet domestic needs and generate potential global exports for decades to come.  The most plausible worst-case scenario involves the risks of interstate conflict increasing to the point that the US draws inward and globalization stalls. From there, megacities [will] flourish and take the lead in confronting global challenges.  Another possibility are inequalities explode as some countries become big winners and others fail. … Without completely disengaging, the U.S. is no longer the ‘global policeman.’”

If the Council somehow manages to succeed in this new “supercity-superhuman” agenda, humanity will be at the mercy of A.I. and other highly technological advancements.  In this way the Council would be justified due to the massive inequality between countries, social classes, and caste systems.  Once this globalization effort is complete, megacities run by a synthetic police force can “help” humanity control our violent impulses and possibly allow us time to grow.

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Other quirks that the Council considered while being human in this new society were the highly technology advancements in surgery and other ways to physically alter oneself to achieve perfection.  In our imperfect world, many will see this as a chance of finally becoming equal with those that ostracized them in our current society.  The definition of being “different” will cease as all humans may have the same opportunities.  In some ways this will help those with physical deficiencies accomplish feats they could never do before.  On the other hand, the negative effects may cause the uniformity of humanity without a thinking process, the access to our soul engine, or our natural instincts of curiosity, spirituality, or individualism.  This seems like the perfect recipe for an Orwellian-dystopian type society where everything is flawless and simple; a perfect program meant to run without error:

“People may choose to enhance their physical selves as they do with cosmetic surgery today.  Future retinal eye implants could enable night vision, and neuro-enhancements could provide superior memory recall or speed of thought. “Brain-machine interfaces could provide ‘superhuman’ abilities, enhancing strength and speed, as well as providing functions not previously available.”

The idea itself is amazing in many ways including the elimination of pain, physical imperfections that once cause difficulty to interact romantically with the opposite sex, difficulties on socializing, and the human need to belong to a group rather than stand alone. Another added benefit of this transition would be the elimination of religious cults and their stranglehold on our perception of the afterlife and the fear of death.  With new technology and superhuman enhancements that prevent the need for an external deity, humanity may finally have a chance to evolve into something greater with unlimited potential.

Even the Vatican recently pushed for a “new world government” or “new world order.”  The Pope stated in the beginning of December that the “construction of a world community, with a corresponding authority, to serve the “common good of the human family” was needed.  Being that the current bodies of power over the human family are cults like the Catholic Church, Islam, and Christianity/Judaism, it seems strange that the current world leader over human affairs would suggest a new form of authority.  Could it be that after 2,500 years, the greatest power in the human world admits failure of helping humans surpass our own weakness, faults, etc…?  Will the torch finally be passed fully to science/technology to help usher humanity into surviving our own destructive efforts towards other organisms and the planet? There is no doubt that pound-for-pound science delivers more results that the delusional concept of “faith” and fairytale could ever bring; evidence is shown daily as science grows closer in explaining the mysteries of life and space.   As society develops into a new highly advance system of logic, rationality, and reasoning, the need for the Christian/catholic fairytale will eventually cease to exist.

The Vatican suggested a “supranational” body that will have “universal jurisdiction” over the entire planet.  Other than extraterrestrial sentient beings, there could be no other hint that maybe our next step is finally disclosing the vast complex universe filled with many races of intelligent beings destroy our adolescent ideals of monotheism and the asinine concept of a perfect creator/savior.  Most religious devotees and delusional cult followers adhere to this transition long sought over centuries as work of the “devil” or “demons/fallen angels” that are anxiously awaiting their chance to devour us while bringing our souls down into their underworld.  All delusions aside, all transitions into a new society will always transpire under “rough” conditions as any changes have according over the billions of years in Earth’s history.  Until humanity alters its views on the paranormal/supernatural, we will forever be stuck in our adolescent ways awaiting a supposed savior when the work must be done individually by us.  As far as the pathway to a new super technological society that awaits humans in years to come, we must know the limit of our power, growth, and ability without crossing into madness, abuse, and destruction.



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© Copyright 2012. James Astrada

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