Your Guide to Total Astral Projections

You have discovered on this page, a unique and fascinating resource to higher levels of consciousness, wholeness, and out-of-body exploration of subtler realms. Much research has been done and much further research is needed in the field of out-of-body
exploration. The implications of being able to master astral projection are literally infinite. There is too much at stake here not to look into all the incredible possibilities, including contact with deceased loved ones, overcoming fear of death, and learning first hand about what happens to people after they die. Another important mystery is the question of reincarnation, eternity, and how to transcend limiting desires and karmas by merging into higher and higher planes until one finds God. You will learn much about how to lucid dream and have out-of-body experiences on this page and some of the conditions necessary for astral projection.

What is Astral Projection and What Are the Best Conditions for this Strange Experience?

Astral projections are also known as out-of-body experiences and as “soul travel” by some groups, which can happen to anyone at any time in one’s life. Astral projections are often confused with lucid or vivid dreaming and skeptics would say that what most people would experience as an out-of-body experience is just a dream. Even though it is quite common for astral projections to be immediately proceeded by a vivid dream or even be mixed up with or embedded within dreams, when one has a full-blown out-of-body astral experience, it is often so real, so vivid and clear that in no way, shape or form is it considered by the experiencer as just being a dream. Genuine astral projections are experienced as a fully awakened state outside the body, and the person is able to actually see, usually from a strange angle, his or her still or lifeless looking body lying down on the bed, sofa or couch. One is able to see minute details in the room and travel anywhere else conceivable and watch events and discover new places and/or previously lost or undiscovered items that can later be confirmed.

Life After Death Experiences

There is an abundance of information concerning life after death experiences. After over 39 years of personal research and experience in this most exciting subject, I have come to the firm conclusion that there is indeed life after death and that spiritualism and those who have “died” and returned from a near-death experience seem to provide the most reliable, spectacular and detailed information ever on this subject.

Life after death experiences should never have been such a controversial subject, but one fully embraced and properly understood by all living human beings. Unfortunately, because of the long history of associating spiritualism and all other paranormal experiences first with black magic and other “evil” cults by the once powerful “devil phobic” religious institutions and later on completely rejected by mainstream science and academia as just deception, hallucination or other miscreant brain phenomenon, the actual reality behind all paranormal phenomenon is now only beginning to be more fully accepted.

Skeptics still abound who have obviously not done their research in the area of out-of-body and life-after-death experiences, and if they have, they have done their research from a biased perspective not accepting any of the countless cases that could only be explained by the mind leaving the body in a subtler state of being. Even I have had at least two experiences that could only be possible if somehow consciousness can exist outside the body. The evidence for life after death is overwhelming, one only needs to dig deep enough and long enough with an open mind and heart and one will find all manner of documented incidences, cases and personal paranormal abilities quite remarkable and quite profound.

One of the best life after death experience resources ever, besides all the amazing near-death experiences one can read about in both book stores and on many websites, are the paranormal voice recordings given by the direct voice medium, Mr. Leslie Flint. Hundreds of these recordings can be found on several websites throughout the internet. A complete and lengthy introduction to all aspects of and absolute proof of the existence of the afterlife can be found here: Life After Death Experiences.

By Understanding Death We Understand Life

Is there really life after death? What is it really like to be dead? What is the very nature of the afterlife? How long do spirits live on in the afterlife? What determines the conditions and experiences they will have? Is there reincarnation? If there is, is it essential to reincarnate again and again? The research going on at Science of Wholeness attempts to find answers to these and many more vital and significant questions. Often, in all healthy, inquiring minds, one answer usually brings up many new questions and so on until hopefully the very threshold of mysticism is reached, where there are no more questions, just direct realization of God‘s subtle and majestic truths.

The wonders of spirituality are the greatest wonders of all, because directly inside each of us is an entire reality filled with awesome levels of consciousness revealing endless possibilities. Science of Wholeness research has revealed many fascinating websites, books, videos, etc. on the subject of life after death which answers all of the above questions and many more remarkably well. Also take note of the fact all the research with astral projection, soul travel, remote viewing, etc. provides even more vital insights on the same above questions from a fresh new angle. The highest forms of meditation lead to everything that is spoken of so far, therefore, need I explain why meditation is so important and so vital for research?

The MAIN tool of inner exploration would have to be meditation, and there is within us already a powerful faculty of inner vision: the third eye. It is through hours and hours regular meditation in this chakra, while listening in the right ear for the inner sounds of wind, bells, harps, flutes, etc. that one is eventually lifted beyond physical consciousness and into higher realms of consciousness where one can find proof that there is life after death, and there is a God, etc. There are many realms of astral, causal and celestial consciousness to explore. The higher one goes, the further away from the physical realities of birth, suffering, death and reincarnation one becomes.

Most important of all is to find out all one can about how to best contact the inner realities of bliss, love and ultimate freedom. One may need a Master to guide one above and beyond all the inner obstacles an hazards naturally present as with all new endeavors one must know what they are doing and proceed with caution. Proper nutrition is a MUST when going on a spiritual quest, especially when there is some fasting or other unusual stress on the mind or body involved. Another problem is finding the time, energy and money for the hours needed to meditate.

Meditation is not rest, it is hard work especially when starting, because a perfect state of concentration and focus must be maintained. Science of Wholeness is about finding ways to make meditation effective and easy as possible, or at least to find out what exactly is preventing so many of us from actually finding God. To add to the problem, there are so many contradicting, confusing and dogmatic religions, paths, philosophies, and even “New Age” ideas, etc. that could actually be a hinderance. Cutting to the actual truth regarding life after death is very difficult, because in comparison to the vast universe, our intellectual understanding is so very tiny, unreliable and limited. The best way to access the truth has to be some form of direct experience of that which lies beyond the physical body, and beyond all of one’s confusing, limiting preconceptions.

Life in the World Unseen: There is a wonderful free online book by former Catholic Mons. Hugh Benson (1871-1914) through the medium Anthony Borgia that answers most of the above questions. All one needs to do is simply go there to read this! Science of Wholeness does the research to find for you the most legitimate answers you need ASAP.

Go here for more insights on meditation and go here to learn how to meditate. Discover the “universe” within.

Our Ultimate RealityLife, the Universe and the Destiny of Mankind

This awesome 600+ page encyclopedia by Adrian Cooper answers every question about the human condition and its implications. This unbiased and objective material is a MUST read for anyone concerned about the afterlife and our place in the universal scheme of things. Learn how to contact and become at one with your real Source (the wholeness which is God), experience heaven, and attract everything true, good and beautiful into your life. Within seconds you could be well on your way to solving the ultimate mysteries of life and finding paths to freedom from the human condition. This awesome collection of knowledge discusses the greatest secrets behind every religion: how to attract wealth, joy and love into your life, what happens after one dies, how to astral project and experience

the afterlife, how to meditate, how to do pranic healing, and most important of all, how to realize and find God. This book is vast in detail, history and scope. Illumined by the brilliant light of ancient wisdom and contemporary science, every page is beautifully written. 114 chapters! Follow this link for more details and an instant download!

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