Have you ever felt you are so much more than your outer activity and current life seems to indicate? Have you ever had the sense that inside of you somewhere is this great being of Light and power? That you had a deeper purpose?

If so, then you already have an awareness of the wonderful being of Light that you truly are – your Real/Higher Self! In reality, you ARE your Higher/True Self, which is Light – concentrated energy and consciousness, teeming with creative potential! But if you really are Light, where did that Light come from?

In the beginning there was Light – a great spiritual sun. This Light is God, “Universal” – our Father/Mother or whatever you want to call it. Once we were a part of this Sun and one with all creation. Eventually, we wanted to experiment with our own potential, our own ability to create in the world of matter. As we separated from God and our Spirit sparks went forth, we contacted the world of form, where we integrated with others. We began to think limiting thoughts, have doubts and fears, formed false beliefs and engaged in negativity. This caused layer upon layer of density to be formed earound the core of Light of our Real Self. As we became trapped in imperfect creation, we forgot what it was like to be part of the Sun. We became lost and could not return home. Our souls fell asleep, completely forgetting our origin and ability to create.

The “Lower Self” and Human Ego

What is sometimes referred to as the “lower self” is your human self, that part of you which is not conscious of your true nature. Out of the density of the layers that have been built around the Light of your Higher Self was born the human “ego”. This ego is the ruler of the lower self, with its personality, human will and human intellect. Sometimes referred to as the “lower ego”, this is the aspect of the human self which most of us identify with.

Many on a spiritual path believe the ego to be a bad thing, however, having a positive ego and healthy self-image, is a vital ingredient that enables the human to fearlessly reach for the “Divine Ego” and the Higher Self.

The Primary goal and purpose of life

The one overall goal for all souls is to eventually unite the lower self with the Higher Self. That requires waking up from the long sleep in the realm of the human ego and peeling away the layers which have obscured your true identity. Fortunately, you have help – right within yourself! Your Higher Self is simultaneously aware of your wholeness and the fragmented parts of your being – the human consciousness and human ego – and wants to become whole and integrated. Therefore, it will help you in every possible way you can accept. Its foremost concern is for your greatest and highest good.

Your Higher Self is the voice of reason, creative inspiration and guidance

Your Higher Self is the voice of higher reason and creative inspiration – and your true teacher! It is the source of your intuitions and communicates with you in various ways, many of them subtle. It is that still, small voice that guides you when there is a decision to make, or may more loudly issue a warning when there is danger. Of course, it is always your choice as to whether you listen or not. Choosing to ignore the messages from the H.S. frequently results in regret, sometimes in a major way! It can even assist in more mundane ways, such as helping find your misplaced keys. Of course, not every message you receive is from the Higher Self, and that is why you also need to learn to discern the difference. Any message that would have you harm yourself or another is obviously not from the Higher Self! However, your Real Self may guide you to do things that you may not be comfortable with in order for you to overcome fear and hesitation to make needed changes.

Most importantly, once you establish a strong connection, your Higher Self will help you figure out exactly what to do in your life and will give you unerring guidance every step of the way. Your True Self knows exactly what changes you need to make to find the happiness, peace and fulfillment you seek!

C.A. Russ is a spiritual writer who has a particular interest in helping people reunite with their Higher Self. More information on the Higher Self and how to strengthen your connection with that Self can be found here: [http://violetfire.org]. “Peel Away the Layers to Your Real Radiant Self” is the second book released by Russ: [http://violetfire.org/HSBook.html] This book features a step-by-step guide and daily Personal Plan to focus on, which will assure your success in reconnecting with your True Self!

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