By Jesper Yeo

Knowing how to increase website traffic is the core knowledge that all website owners are supposed to have on the tips of their fingertips. This is because heavy internet traffic will result to higher sales volume for your website, increasing your monthly revenue. The good news is that you will find many ways to increase website traffic, without even having to spend a lot of money on launching advertising campaigns.

Listed below are ten simple ways in which you can increase your website traffic:

1. Submitting your sitemap to search engines

While you could sit tight and wait for the many search engines out there to find you, it is better to be proactive and submit your sitemap to the search engines. In this way, your site will be indexed and will start appearing on the search engine’s results page, based on the keywords that you have focused on in your site. This will encourage the search engines’ spiders to crawl through your site more often, leading to a natural increase in website traffic.


2. Participating in link exchange

When search engines are ranking your website, they also consider the number of inbound links that you have coming into your site. As such, it would be wise to involve yourself in free link exchange programs, where a network of blogs and websites link to each other. This helps in raising the page rank of each site in the network on the various search engines.

3. Participating in article marketing

Article marketing is relatively new, but it is a very powerful free tool of increasing site traffic. All you have to do is to write insightful articles and submit them to article directories like EzineArticles directory. The back links that you get will go a long way in increasing your site’s internet traffic.

4. Using ‘Tell a friend’ scripts on your site

You can also design your site such that at the end of each article or page, there is script that has been programmed to help people share the information on your site. Making it easy for site visitors to spread the word will help you gain more site traffic.

5. Hold a site contest

Holding a contest on your site is one of the easiest ways you can use to increase website traffic. People love rewards, and people love competing. Host a contest every few months and the traffic to your site will be unbelievable.

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