Since most businesses have limited resources to utilize, it’s only common sense to allocate it to departments or areas that can inspire growth. If you have a few thousand dollars to spend per year, you don’t want to be spending it on customer acquisition channels that aren’t working out or product lines that aren’t selling. And with the advent of newer and more sophisticated technologies, knowing which business areas to invest in is perplexing, to say the least. Industries that were once easy to read are now changing constantly, making it more difficult for entrepreneurs to choose their business investments precisely. Read on further as we discuss this year’s most promising technologies and areas to invest in:


Online Presence

Every business needs a strong online presence to be able to compete at a global level. Your brand cannot survive the competition without a website, blog, or social media presence that consistently drives low-cost/high-conversion traffic to your business. Invest in the best eCommerce platform that offer product data sheets, lower inventory management costs, and tracks consumer purchasing habits. eCommerce platforms allow you to manage everything you need to keep your digital store open 24/7 with minimal issues. Ultimately, this can dramatically boost your sales and revenues, among other benefits.


Virtual Reality

VR is one of the hottest technological trends today. And while this piece of tech has been around for quite some time now, it has only recently gained momentum. And 2018 makes for a great year to incorporate virtual reality into your business. It offers ample opportunities for new product lines as well as ways to showcase your existing business offerings. VR can also help you train your employees better, with the potential to immerse workforces in situations that can be programmed into a computer. Practical applications for VR technology can span from product prototyping and design to customer relationships.


Customer Relationship Management

Also abbreviated as CRM, this software category helps your business manage interaction and engagement with both existing customers and potential leads. With CRM software, you can foster stronger and more meaningful relationships with people, which ultimately streamline and impact other processes and boost sales and revenues. Good CRM solutions can also help you find new customers and niches to target. Think of a CRM platform as an intuitive database that holds all your customer information. The platform processes and analyzes this said information and then identifies potential sales opportunities and track any support issues.


Green Initiative

Any year is a great year to adopt a greener, more sustainable business model and 2018 is no exception. Switching to environmentally responsible, eco-friendly business solutions isn’t just great for the pockets, but it’s also a good way to gain some positive publicity. Consumers love and support brands that adopt a green initiative. It’s a proud feeling to support these companies that have taken a stand to save the planet and its limited resources. Some ways to adopt a green initiative include switching to post-consumer waste paper, using biodegradable cleaning products, and installing CFL or LED light bulbs instead of traditional incandescent light bulbs.


Digital Marketing

It’s quite simple – for a business to succeed, it needs an effective marketing strategy. In the current digital bubble people live in, a digital means of marketing is needed. Unfortunately, some companies remain ignorant when it comes to the advantages of digital marketing. As a result, they go month after month losing a significant percentage of potential customers. With IoT continuing to expand its reach within our day-to-day lives, digital marketing will move with a positive correlation.


Final Thoughts

Although it sounds like these technologies have been around for years and is no longer effective in gaining competitive edge in your respective industry, they remain new and sharp tools to have in your arsenal. It can help your business succeed, whether it’s by cutting costs or improving lead generation and conversion rates.

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