Reality Therapy – 3 Steps to Change Your World


change-your-realityReality therapy is an interesting concept, encompassing the ability and technique to change, improve, and enhance your world and your reality. We all see our environment in very different ways, and, therefore, we each live in very different worlds. Your world, your atmosphere, your essence is unique to you, and only you.

That’s why it’s so easy to change when you really put your mind to it. You don’t need anyone’s help or approval or permission to morph your surroundings and put yourself in the absolute best position to succeed and enjoy life.

3 Steps of Reality Therapy

  1. Lights, camera, (take) ACTION! All of these philosophies from books like “The Secret” and other self-help books are great for inspiration and motivation, but you can read every single one of them, and absolutely nothing will change until you take ACTION! So many people expect some magical door to open and all the answers will come floating down and land softly on their well-meaning, radiant noses. You have to DO something to change something.
  2. Write it down. Speaking of action, start right now. Figure out what you want to achieve (make it something small at first). Write down your desired end-goal, word for word. For example, “I will have this report finished and written by Thursday night at 9PM. My first action is to go to the library and check out a book on the Civil War.” It may seem silly, but your brain has a sneaky way of shifting things to the back burner and hiding them away in nooks and crannies — physical words on physical paper aren’t nearly as forgiving.
  3. Tell the world. Now that you’ve told yourself, tell everyone else. As much self-discipline as you may have, making yourself accountable to others will provide a much-needed boost to follow through and show everyone what you’re capable of achieving.

Start practicing reality therapy today, then watch and enjoy as your world adapts to the new you.

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