The Internet of Things adoption has picked up in many organizations over the past year, and businesses have started seeing the advantages of incorporating the technologies into their workflows, processes, and products. But as we look towards 2018, the rate of adoption is going to skyrocket. We are going to look at five trends in IoT to pay attention to as the year progresses.


The Connection of Everything

The CTO of Hortonworks, Scott Gnau has predicted that 2018 will be the year the consumer IoT picks up. He added that there would be a larger adoption of smart devices, greater than the way industrial IoT has adopted IoT.

Regarding Industrial IoT, Gnau commented that the industrial internet space has devices and networks that will take advantage of feedback, real-time analytics, and other technological advances. IoT on the consumer level will change the way we work, communicate and live. Imagine a diabetic patient whose blood sugar monitor is linked to the phone which transmits data to the primary physician, who accesses the information through an online portal where monitoring of the health status is monitored by the physician.


We are going to see factories creating smart conveyor belts, cutting machines, and air compressors. IoT is going to enable orchestration of DevOp operations. There will be an increase in factory management through mobile devices, and the linking of facilities using each locations data insights for better business decisions.


New Types of Data Infrastructure

Data collection through sensors is extraordinary, but delivering actionable insights from the data is what is important. The number of companies that will expand due to the advancement of technology made by sensors will multiply, but the challenge rests on the tons of data that will be churned each day. Companies that will need to implement the value driven from the analyzed data will have to combine the different types of data to make sense of the complex data.


For this goal to be achieved, companies will need to come up with technology that can handle the data streams, analyze the data and get actionable insights from it.


The Collaboration of OT and IT

Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) have had different domains. In 2018, IoT technology will bring these teams together. The gap between the two sectors will be bridged by the collaboration needed to make IIoT a solution to some major problems. OT will have a big effect on how IIoT apps will be designed.


In the recent technological adoption in companies, businesses are able to have analytic tools for plant operators and domain experts, so that operational decisions can be worked on in real time. We are going to see the adoption of IoT by business operational teams compared to IT teams. As companies strive to work on the security issues that might hamper the adoption of IoT, companies are going to take full advantage of the IoT revolution ahead.


Rise of IoT attacks

IoT is going to move from a massive security risk to an important part of the enterprise security. To achieve this, a few critical moves have to be made for the impending attacks of the millions of connections that are going to be added to the internet each day.

There has to be:

  • A dynamic and proactive approach to security
  • A layered defense strategy

These points will have to be administered to protect the IoT devices from attacks and infections, mitigating the impact when hacking happens. As we wait to see these security solutions, industries have adopted a wait and see attitude. This is projected from two trends:

  • New entrants are developing security solutions that are targeted to specific stack layers.
  • IT security vendors are still repositioning their products to address the concerns of IoT security.


Business Value Created by IoT

In 2018, CIO trends will see the implementation of pilots and proof of concepts as the awareness of IoT increases to bring value to businesses. Since edge technologies are proving their value to businesses, the rate of adoption will rise to meet the demands of IoT applications.


There are risks and benefits that affect IoT, but since companies are working together to create a solid security layer on smart devices, there will be a level of ‘trust’ that will be injected in IoT to boost its adoption. People love privacy, once the security aspect is well covered, there will be an exponential uptake of the technology.


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