If you are a business owner, the way that you train your people is crucial. Without the right tools and strategies, you could miss out on great talent and the importance of bringing them up within the company so they don’t jump ship. So treat your talent right and allow them to help you innovate and grow your brand, use these five new training strategies to stand out from the rest of your industry:


Performance Based Evaluation Training

Right from the start you need to set the stage for your trainees. They should understand exactly what your goals are and how to meet them. Make sure you train them on your expectations, your mission, and the way they will be compensated for hitting targets. This helps them bring the extra level of motivation needed to get ahead and feel they have upward mobility.


Automation and Digital Technology

Don’t waste time in your business by doing things the old, manual way. Institute training practices that leverage technology. This can make your training faster, more consistent, and even more fun for the employees as they can choose when and where they consume your content. It also cuts down on costs.


Values over Financials

Every company is a collection of its values. And this starts from the top and is spread through the training you provide. If new hires don’t know where they stand in terms of your value system, it is harder for them to make the ambiguous decisions that arise in modern business. This is especially true with customer service, where there are multiple ways to resolve an issue. If they are trained on your mission statement, they will understand the underlying principle to operate from and contribute more to your company’s goals.


Socialization and Cross Training

Your new hires need to meet as many others in the company as possible. It is best if this happens early on. The reason is that the more people they socialize with in the company, the more they will feel that they have a home, a community within your company. Social connections are important and you don’t want new hires training on an island, even if you leverage the strategies mentioned above.


Involve Human Resources

When your business grows to higher levels, it becomes harder to manage everything. Faced with this situation, many business owners make the mistake of continuing to try to do everything themselves. They try to hire people, onboard them, and manage the small things.


However, this line of thinking can lead to a lot of mistakes being made. You will find yourself overwhelmed. And this means you’ll cut corners or simply won’t have the time to spend as much time and training with new hires as they deserve.


Employees need to feel there is upward mobility within the company and that they have a good rapport with managers. And this is where the importance of human resources is really highlighted. HR departments can invest the time and resources in training your employees so you don’t have to. This leads them to being better qualified for other positions and they can move internally up through the company instead of jumping ship right when they become the most valuable to you. HR can also help streamline all of the other processes above by taking them on as part of their roles, including hiring the right people in the first place.


If you find your company growing at such a fast rate that you need to hire to keep up, then you are in a great position. This means that you are meeting your customers’ demands and are suited for bigger profits. However, don’t make the mistake of shortcutting the training process. Use the strategies above to get the most out of your team and your time. That way, you can set your business up for success and profits in the long term, not just right now.


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