By TJ Philpott 

Establishing writing strategies you can pick and choose from to satisfy your readers is a must for every good blogger! The focus here needs to be on engaging your readers in different ways in order to earn their loyalty and build your following! Of course this all starts by using good quality content as the nucleus for your strategy and ‘molding’ it in a way to increase viewer engagement!

Here are 5 different strategies to help grab your readers attention and get them to come back for more!


Your persistence when blogging will always get you noticed provided what you publish is considered quality content! The thing about blogging is that it does take time before people notice you online and the only way to make this happen is to be persistent in your posting even when it appears nobody cares!



Effort should be made to create updates that are useful to your readers! People do like to know they’ve found a reliable source to which they can turn to be informed and educated! This is one of the primary reasons visitors land on your blog, to learn more about a subject with which they have an interest!


This is to say bloggers must be able to motivate or inspire people regardless of what their writing about! Although folks do enjoy reading about things with which they have a passion it is even more exhilarating to become an active participant! Words of encouragement from a source they view as an authority can really boost their motivation to take action while increasing their self esteem as well! A good blogger will make the effort to get their readers more involved by encouraging their participation and building their confidence to do so!


Taking a topic and making use of examples or real life situations to further illustrate your points is something your readers will find interesting! In this way you are enabling them to better understand the lessons or points you’re trying to make in a way in which they can better relate! Although you are not using visual aids you are having people visualize what it is you’re communicating to them and many learn better this way!


Delivering quality content in a more entertaining or perhaps humorous way is a great break for you the writer as well as those who view it! Authoring an entertaining piece of content like this makes learning fun while also helping to take an ‘edge’ of the day of both your readers and even yourself! Who out there does not like to be entertained?

Writing strategies are a subtle yet powerful way to appeal to as many of your readers as possible by ‘tweaking’ your delivery! Every good blogger is mindful of the fact that even quality content can easily go unread unless viewers are first engaged! These subtleties or tweaks as discussed in the 5 strategies above all serve as suggestions for ways in which you can ‘reawaken’ your readers while attracting new ones as well!

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