Understanding Feng Shui Gardens

You can learn a lot about someone from the way their living space is decorated and the environment they live in. Many consider there are two design styles that you can use, the European style or the oriental design way. Many American landscapes designs are simple compared the European gardens. The Europeans designs are not natural, and they tend to try dominate the land, and reshape it. While American gardens are utilitarian and sparse. Where the main practice would be to culture the garden, while creating displays of artificial beauty.

A Oriental garden is totally opposite when they create a garden space. They work hard to design a natural creating a calm peaceful place to be.
This also shows an example of how the east and west handle relationships. While Europeans will define everything in black or white, Orientals look to see a wider range of options.

The example of this can be seen in European gardens that are created as social statuses compared to the oriental gardens. A Chinese garden is created to be a place of spiritual enrichment and becomes part of the land around it.

You can see in European gardens how hard lines define the space while a oriental garden flows freely. European gardens change from generation to generation or to the current trend at the time. In Oriental gardens they will hand down the design to future generations, while keeping the same design unchanged.

The science behind Oriental gardens –


Oriental gardens are a great example of Feng shui gardens and flowing with nature instead of trying to control it. Oriental spaces embrace the openness of the land and never try to build walls to shut It out. Allowing the garden to flow naturally with the land and the environment. They choose not to modifying the environment and include in their Feng shui gardens water and mountains.

It doesn’t matter then whether one lives in an apartment or a condo unit or whether the garden has ample spaces to it. Applying the rules and principles of Feng shui will mean putting plants where they are most natural and will always result to a more natural feel by simulating a natural environment where there is healing and harmony.

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