A Simple Guide To Over Coming Self-Imposed Limitations
by: David Duncan

Doubt is one problem everyone faces…Your mental toughness is created by what you do under adverse conditions. If you struggle to manage and overcome difficult task, here is a simple guide that will help you silence negative self talk and rise above your own self imposed limitations.

“The only limitations we encounter in life are those self-limiting ones we place on ourselves.”

The first step to overcoming self-imposed limitations is to…

* Recognize your self-imposed limitations

Any time we associate ourselves with an external cause, of any kind, we relinquish control of our personal sovereignty and we create within ourselves a Self-Imposed Limitation. It is important to recognize when we are creating self imposed limitations so we know when to take corrective action.

Mastery (Photo credit: ecastro)

Pay close attention to your self talk, if your inner voice keeps telling you “this is to hard” or “i am board” take a second and remind yourself why you are doing this and that anything is possible. Once you begin to recognize your drawbacks, challenge your limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones.

Only then will one be able to make the necessary changes to rise above self doubt and reach your full potential. After we learn to recognize self-imposed limitations it is then vital to…

* Change our self image.

It is important to be able to see yourself as a winner and an achiever. You can do this by creating a vivid imagine of the person you want to become. Think about all the qualities and confidence you will need make the vision a reality.

Take about 15 minutes a day to spend visualizing this image, make it as real as possible until you feel that you are becoming the person you aspire to be. Set a higher standard for yourself have high expectations. This will keep you optimistic about your life and your capabilities and give your the power needed to get over your old patterns of limited thinking and mediocre accomplishments.

When you have a positive outlook and expect good things to happen, they will. Once you are able to recognize self-imposed limitations and understand how to create a positive self image the only thing left to do is…

* Direct your focus of attention.

Focus (Photo credit: Michael Dales)

Focus of attention is important in determining where you are heading. If you focus on positive outcomes, you will attract more of them. When you focus your mind on the end result, you can’t help but move towards it. So plan your path and move ahead until you reach your destination.

Become obsessed with your goals and be courageous. This will challenge the perceived limitations that are holding you back and you will begin to take more risks and lose the fear of making mistakes.

Remember at all times what you are trying to accomplish. Set your standards high and know exactly why you want them. Your WHY will inspire and motivate you to go through any obstructions along the way. You don’t have to repeat the past and stay the same. Reclaim your personal sovereignty and take back full control of your life. Over coming self imposed limitations like anything takes time and practice but this guide is a great start.

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