Book 1 Cover by Ryan Lord
The Journey Begins…

In Celebration of Book II of Seventh Journey being released shortly, I’m re-posting this article with a link to the Limited Edition Cover of Seventh Journey Book 1, available now.  Funny how getting swept up by publish Book 1 added an extra 3 years to completion of Book II.  But that’s ok, I think it’ll be worth the way :)

Originally posted – January 2011

Today I met with Ryan Lord, the graphic artist who has appeared in galleries across Toronto.  He has done an excellent job designing the cover for The 7th Journey, which is now available through my websites.  He is also working towards completion of approximately 9 full colour insert images which will make their way into the final version of The 7th Journey.

The artwork itself is a brilliant mix of computer and water colour to create a surreal portrait of key events within Book I of The Auditum Trilogy.  The images have depicted the main characters and pivotal scenes beautifully, and he has continued to impress me through the entire design process.  I thank him for his continued efforts, and I consider myself fortunate to be working with him.

Book II of The Auditum Trilogy (7th Journey) is currently in development, and I expect it to be completed by mid to late 2011.  Check back often for further updates, thanks!


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