Building Your Life in Fear
by: Richard Blackstone

In this dualistic universe we can believe that we are separate from God or we can believe that we are one with God. In this article we are going to pretend that we have hired the God that we are separate from as the architect of our life. This is intended to expand your spiritual growth and allow you to interpret this spirituality information in a manner that serves you best.

Imagine that you have hired this God knowing that you are separate from this God and because of this separation this God is constantly judging you and making decisions about your life without your consultation or input.

You need to submit your requirements to the architect and the architect will judge whether or not your structure, your life, is worthy of him supplying what you need. Sometimes the architect judges you to be worthy of what you request and sometimes he does not.

If the architect and you, the builder of your life, do not communicate very well, and he begins to lose faith in the project of your life, he may not supply you with the things you need. If this architect judges the structure of your life unworthy you are in imminent danger of having the structure known as your life condemned. This is serious because it is hard to live in a structure, a life that is condemned by the architect.

The only appeal process is for the architect to allow your life to remain viable if you meet certain conditions. These conditions must be imposed because the architect has judged your life to be inferior to other structures, other lives, which he has deemed to be superior to your structure, your life.

The conditions that control your project, the construction of your life, are necessary because the architect knows better than you. You, as the builder of your life, are ignorant as to what is the best way to build your structure. You must rely on the architect and the architect’s associates, the religious distribution network, in order to build the life of your intentions and desires.

Now, here is something that you may or may not know. You can fire your architect and hire another one anytime you want.

What we have observed in the world is that most of the structures, the lives that now occupy this planet, were constructed using the architect that builds his foundations on the belief that we are separate. You see, he has a giant referral system that has been in place for centuries. Mothers and fathers refer this architect of separateness to their sons and daughters because they have a vested interest in maintaining a structure that the architect’s associates, the religions of this architect, tell us is the best thing to do under the threat of condemnation.

They have been told to use this architect and like it or they will condemn their life and the consequences of this action will result in an eternity in hell. We don’t know where the architect built this structure called hell but it must be a huge place because a lot of people get sent there never to be heard from again.

Like all things in life however, there are cycles because life is a process. The process allows us to see all the different perspectives that surround a concept and all concepts revolve around the one true concept, which is love.

Change is the one constant in the universe of relativity. We are all changing moment-to-moment. Even though people have relied on the architect of separation for centuries, it does not mean that we must continue to do so for eternity.

In fact, it is inevitable that we must change architects because we are now beginning to see the natural consequences of this belief that we are separate. It turns out that by building our lives on the foundation of separation, we are observing that the collective construction of all these lives, our societies, are beginning to break down under the construction techniques employed by this architect. Whole communities built by this architect are collapsing and objective observation tells us that this huge house of cards that we have built over the past couple of millennium is about to come crashing down under its own weight.

This is the natural consequence of living within the paradigm of separation and fear. It is unsustainable because of its very nature of destruction and harm. Separation and fear have destructive qualities while oneness and love have life-sustaining qualities.

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