Attachment3Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your career in the modeling and music industry?

Well my name is Nicole Paris, I’m Puerto Rican, Filipino, and Irish. I’ve been modeling my whole life. Music as well, I pride myself on what I can do musically. All in all I love the opportunity Emaculant and MICCLUB RECORDS has given me.

What’s it like to be a Model and Music Executive so early in life?

I think being a model and executive early is a wonderful thing, since most women who do model never see that side of the business. It will only take my career to new heights.

Attachment4Can you tell us about your upcoming production “True Story” produced by MICCLUB RECORDS?

I really look forward to shooing our video, myself and Emaculant. its only going to increase what we are trying to do in this music and model industry.

You also have an up coming modeling shoot in Miami, can you give us some details?

The shoot coming up in Miami is very big, I have a lot of big time personnel that’s going to be there, one also was one of the camera men for the movie avengers. stay tuned…..

AttachmentWhere can we find out more about you?

You can find me everywhere on twitter..@eyesonparis. Instagram..parisisgolden…I also have a new article out that’s on nora gouma I would like to thank Ian”Emaculant” Carr MICCLUB RECORDS and my close family and friends for all the support.

Instagram: parisisgolden
Twitter: Eyesonparis

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