Interviews Nemour Seiss, Director of “The Evil” and “Portrait of a Lady”

What’s your background Nemour? 

Poster(1)I’m born and raised in New Orleans after high-school I moved to Florida and did a Online Film School course. Then i moved back home for a while where I heard about another film school i immediately enrolled and went to California for Film School.
What inspired you to direct films?

I started doing photography around 7 or 8 years old then i watched movies like Batman, Bill And Ted and The lost Boys i watched those movies so much I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

“Portrait of a Lady” explores a very intriguing monologue, why did you write it?

Well i like watching documentaries and i saw a documentary about the seventeen hundred’s and how all these families inherited these old portraits and i thought, What would it be like if a married women in the 21st century would think about whild getting her portrait done and i wrote the script based on that.

The_Evil_Poster_3_(1)Your latest work “The Evil” seems like an interesting horror flick, will this be a feature length project?

No it’s going to be a 30 minute short film.

Will you stay in the horror genre going forward, or are you going to try different types of films?

I loved horror and thrillers films and i want to continue doing then but i also want to try other types of films too. basically any film with a good story i wanna do.

Where can we view your latest work?

My latest work is The Portrait Of A Lady and it can be viewed at or along with some behind the scenes.

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