Focus on Your Goals to Achieve Great Success


focus-390x225What you focus on and pay attention to at any given time is very important. You need to concentrate to finish what you started. If you don’t focus, you can be easily distracted and you can pass your whole life away, frustrated and unfulfilled, without accomplishing anything of what you wanted.

Too often we focus on something that is inappropriate for us and it drains us of energy. There are many people in this world who are constantly focused on paying their bills. That becomes their only focus, and they lose sight of the needs of other people around them, including their children, their spouses, and friends. Debt is a huge distraction and great pain to so many of us. We are overwhelmed with debt.

k-bigpicWe really have to focus to stop spending, and to get out of debt, otherwise we will also never be able to a accomplish what we are called to do. Often times you must change your focus and concentrate on attaining something that will help you or propel you forward with time. For instance, you may need to go to school and get a degree before you can take a job that is higher paying. But you have to take your focus from your bills to the focus of completing your school requirements, and do it well. Once you receive that degree or certification, then you need to focus on presenting yourself to prospective employers and getting a better paying job. If you focus on that job, and keep your spending habits down to a minimum, you can pay down your bills over time.

People can get into mental loops that keep playing the same things over in their head. Unless they put effort into breaking these mental loops, and control their focus, they will not live their lives to the fullest. The same goes for you. If you focus on bizarre things all the time, bizarre things will begin to dominate your spirit. If you focus on all the things that cause you to worry, you will be worried all the time. If you focus on fearful things all the time, you will become fearful, distrustful and isolated.

focus-300x199These are some of the mental loops that grab your attention and focus. You have to control your thoughts and break bad mental habits. Pay attention to what you focus on. We have to plug up the drains on our time and our energy. If you have work to do on a project, do your work first and then go and play.

Put your focus into areas that will create a sustainable income and then you can go and have fun. If your partner has become your whole focus, at what cost does that come? Are you willing to pay that cost? Can you have more of a balance in that area of your life? If you are with the right partner, h/she will not be possessive of your time but will share it equally, will encourage you to be the best that you can be, and will let you focus on what you need to. You will do the same in return. It is a support team.

One such mental loop that is created is always putting your thoughts on something that is fearful to you. How often do we focus on something that we don’t want to happen, only to see that become a reality? Your constant focus has acted like a magnet and drawn in the very thing of which you are petrified. Your focus, a powerful tool when used in the right capacity, has become a stagnant, redundant drain on your life force.

runningThe only way to correct the drain is to reconnect to a new focus. Stop the worrisome, fearful, anxious thoughts and start thinking about how you would like to appear in your new life. Start focusing on what you would like to accomplish and how you will go about doing that. It is not too late to change your focus from something negative and hurtful to something expansive and productive.

Fear and worry causes your energy to retract and become smaller, whereas joy and good imagination causes an expansion to the unlimited capacity of which you are really capable. You can choose to redirect your focus right now.

If you are working on a project, you must focus on all the steps of the project before they are executed. That way you will have a solid working plan to complete the project. After plotting out the structure of the project, you will focus on each step in priority. Usually you have to do one thing before you do another, so there is a progression and order. On occasion you have to complete two or more tasks almost simultaneously. Do what you need to do to the best of your ability, but do not lose your focus, which is completing the whole project. You can’t let yourself get stuck on one part. If you are stymied in one area there may be another part of the project where you can begin to move forward.

pyramid-masteryYou must be conscious of the focus of time, and attention, and do not let yourself be distracted. If you are working on a project by yourself, you must have discipline, patience, good working habits, be able to motivate yourself, and determine your focus.

When you are self employed or working on your own, you are the director, employee, and motivator. If you can’t motivate, and discipline yourself, nothing will be accomplished well. If you are learning something new it requires a lot of focus, concentration, determination, and self-encouragement. If you are creating something new, you must hone your focus for something that is not yet there. You must continually focus on something in your imagination that is further down the line, but that is coming. Doubt can distract you from your focus. It is your job to shake yourself and refocus on your goals. You must see yourself in your imagination, having accomplished what you set out to do.

3.-Best-Self-Help-TipsBesides mental loops that can distract your focus, interruptions from people can break your focus, and the foods you eat can diminish your concentration and focus. Excessive sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, in your diet can wreak havoc on your concentration and your work. Again, it’s part of self-discipline to monitor what and how much you are ingesting, and to guard your focus. People can easily take all your allotted time if you don’t politely let them know that you are working right now.

Again, you can make a choice to take a moment with a friend or associate, or you can let them know that you need to continue working. You need a focus in almost everything that you do, if it is not work, then you also need to focus when you are learning, listening, painting, cooking, meditating, praying, communicating, attending to children, and traveling etc. Guard your focus, work with it and you will be well on your way to accomplishing great things.


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