Keeping Up With Sheer Determination


determinationOne crucial element that contributes towards any part of success is a heart filled with determination. Staying determined is not as easy as it sounds and often a lot of sweat and blood are involved. It does sound scary because determination is backed by the ability to cross fire without fear and to be able to go all the way to the end. Along the line, there are several prerequisites that you have to understand before you can get determined in a way.

(1) Clearly Agreeing to It

When you are required to work over something and stay determined, you have to first agree to bind to it for as long as it takes. For example, if you strive to lose weight, you have to strike an agreement with yourself first to seriously follow through. You would have to agree to yourself to say, that you are going to exercise everyday or to eat less and stick with the plan for as long as it may take. Now, that does not mean, you should not change plans, because there are always better means towards an objective, and determination is only objective driven, not action driven. That proves determination on winning over something despite complications, temptations, vulnerabilities and even fallback on resource. By clearly agreeing to the subject requiring a lot of determination, personally you achieve an inner harmonium which then allows you to keep going and doing the good work.

(2) Foresee-able Distractions

90278489People often let go when something happens in between causing distractions, hesitations or other deterring factors. Take the example of striving to lose weight, if you get pregnant suddenly, you will stop all your weight lose regimes and embark on a complete new set of rules on baby-ing diet. Probably, you will have to put on some weight in order to be able to deliver safely, no choice for you.. So if that happens, you will have to remember this, determination is about going all the way to the end, and once you agree to stay determined, that was when you had agreed to venture on a new part in your life altogether. You wanted to lose weight, you were determined, now you could not, but you can do it after wards. Yes, the key is to stay focused even when things happen in between, do not lose pace or you could be taking that part of yourself for granted. Manage your distractions, complications and all else that comes in between unless you are ready to give up for better or worse.

(3) Knowledge, Rights & Will Power

determination.stoneYou can only stay determined when you have enough visibility and knowledge over the matter of concern. For example, it is quite impossible to stay determined if you have absolutely no idea about what you are trying to achieve in the first place. Say lose weight, if you have no understanding about absolute health benefits about weight loss or impact on your image and personality, sooner or later, you will lose interest. When that happens, you do not bother any further because you could not see what is so good about that thing you do. Determination can only happen, if you are truly passionate, have a lot of knowledge, experience and will power which will then guide you through that tedious pathways in the journey. So be sure, to seek knowledge first before you want to tell yourself to stay determined. Again, determination is about creating harmony between yourself and your actions, so strive to be determined over something that is going to be right and constructive in the long run.

(4) Love & Hate

69-300x336To be determined, you must either love or hate. Love brings passion to your heart over something that provides you with a steady flow of continuous energy. For example, you loved animals and in order to not see any more getting hurt, you strive to build an animal shelter despite all hardships. Or if you fancy something so much, you would in fact work hard to achieve similar goals between yourself and your ideals. To hate would account for a strong desire to bring about change. And this desire itself is going to lead you towards a lot of determination as well. If you hated animal cruelty, you would also strive to set up an animal protection community for example. So be very sure of what you love or hate, you should love or hate truthfully in order to gain a heart that allows you to stay determined.

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