By Sara Ryan 

Massage techniques have being a therapeutic method of relaxing tense and tired muscles for many centuries and has proven to be of great relevance in the overall well-being of a person contributing significantly to the metal, physical, emotional and spiritual state of mind. Considered to be a source of alternative medicine, massage therapy has rapidly been integrated into conventional medical practices as well.

Massage therapy has several benefits from the release of tension and emotional benefits it has been incorporated in physiotherapy and the rehabilitation of injured muscles. The advantages spread across a very wide spectrum, which is why massage therapy is often recommended. Below are some advantages.


Pain Management
Massage therapy has been used repeatedly to bring relieve to medical conditions associated with pain. People suffering from arthritis, sprains, headaches and other forms of pain related ailments have repeatedly experienced relief from well applied massage therapy. Pain management is a field that has received a lot of attention as it is an area that cuts across most human circumstances. It has been found that this therapy aids professional athletes and senior citizens alike. Also, it has been used to ease the pain in paraplegics and people suffering from cancer.

Before administering massage therapy for pain management though, it is advised that the client first obtains a doctor’s recommendation as not all pain related conditions are alleviated by massage therapy.

This particular advantage is perhaps the most popular advantage associated with the therapy; the relaxation of tense and tired muscles. This promotes a general feeling of well-being and helps relieve stress and stress related conditions.

Blood Circulation
Because in massage therapy, work is usually carried out on the pressure points of the body, the massage stimulates the circulatory system as pressure moves the blood through congested areas. Oxygen and nutrients are more efficiently distributed to different parts of the body. When combined with aromatherapy, It would have an astonishing effects on the psyche and greatly improves health and vitality.

Mental Stimulation
The average person suffers from some form of stress or the other and the number of those who suffer from symptoms of depression seem to be growing with each passing year. As a result, stress management is a highly coveted asset for a vast majority of people and essential for a health life. A good therapist will combine massage and aromatherapy to rejuvenate the senses and life moods connected with anxiety, stress and depression.

Psychological Well-being
Massage therapy has long been recognized as a way to enhance the well-being of a person and has been used in many spiritual practices for centuries. A good massage therapy does not only satisfy the physical and mental needs of a person but also the emotional and psychological ones.

As a person is massaged, the nurturing touch relieves anxiety and increases awareness of the mind to body connection. The element of touch in a massage enhances feelings of love and care. This generates a sense of harmony and being at peace with oneself and the world in general.

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