NP: UFOs to Make Contact in 2012?

By: James W. Astrada


UFO encounters according to research have said to become especially frequent in the middle of the 20th century.  When it became almost impossible to disregard these incidents as hoaxes, the U.S. government started to establish special departments for air defense, “secret laboratories” ( i.e. Brookhaven, Skunkworks, Mt. Rainer Washington, Dulce New Mexico, Mt. Shasta California and so many others) to study the phenomena.  It is certainly not ruled out that these black programs have already had chances to study fragments of alien spaceships or even aliens themselves from the infamous Roswell New Mexico incident that most deem fake.

Most skeptics such as Paul Watson are contemplating a false flag UFO invasion taking place at the London Olympics along with a BBC documentary starting from July 27th to August 12th as seen on InfoWarsMichael Salla head of the Exopolitics institution in Hawaii also hinted at the fact that if UFOs were to make contact as regressive beings, then the invasion scenario supported by the “one world government” would not be real encounters only fake.  Salla believes that only “peaceful” beings are going to be the real contact humanity has been waiting for to finally ascend into the galactic community of the Milky Way galaxy:

“If, however, the aliens showed up coming in peace, then we might be experiencing the real thing, and the Olympics would truly usher in the dawn of a Galactic age on our planet.”

Battle: Los Angeles
Battle: Los Angeles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Other groups support Salla’s predictions/beliefs such as Dr. Steven Greer, Project Camelot/Avalon, and David Wilcox (the supposed psychic) that have made contact with benevolent alien races that have our spirits in their interests.  Since we are dealing with unknown phenomena that is held top secret by many world governments, to assume anything (either good or bad) is very risky.  Stephen Hawking made the announcement back in 2010 stating that contacting or attempt to engage UFO would be a bad idea.  He reiterated the fact comparing the conquest of the New World by the Spanish Conquistadores coming into contact with the natives.  The more powerful civilization wiped out the more primitive peoples and took over their dominion.  Hollywood has portrayed many of these scenarios with titles such as Battle: Los Angeles (2011), Skyline (2010), the less popular Battleship (2012), and ABC’s V remake (2009-10).  An important document called the Brookings Report researched by the U.S. government assessed the same assumption that contact with alien beings would be detrimental to humans.  Created in 1960, NASA was the lead investigator for research on the alien/human possible scenario cases.  In 1961, the report was passed 1961 and can be found in the Congressional Record (87th United States Congress) for study.  With any case of a superior intelligence coming into contact with a lesser more primitive civilization, the only result would be either colonization or elimination.

All of the history has shown that civilizations have conquered and assimilated tribes and small communities in the name of “peace and prosperity.”  Pax Romana would be a great example of how this mighty empire more than two thousand years old was able to conquer and assimilate most of the known world at that time.  Only through war and bloodshed were they able to successfully expand their empire to the pinnacle of that time period. Although it would be ideal that our alien superiors would be peaceful and help us ascend into a greater community of many worlds, this idea is illusionary and dangerous.  Due to our more helpless and weaker position when compared to alien beings, it would be safer to be on the defensive when planning a possible invasion/contact scenario that many believe will transpire this year.

According to SETI, back in 2010 there was a report that three giant UFO spaceships were in our solar system beyond the orbit of Pluto and would make contact with Earth in 2012.  Some specs have stated that the largest ship is 240 km wide with the other two being smaller.  The ships were detected by HARRP (Alaska) whose supposed purpose was to study the Northern Lights phenomenon.  SETI also confirmed that by the time the spaceships reached the orbit of Mars, they would be visible by optical telescopes.  Many have compared the Mayan Calendar predictions to this event of the spaceships making their way here for December 2012.  Whether the two are coincidence or planned events, this is left to personal research and “fate.”  These three photos are said to be the ships making their way here for purposes unknown:

(16 19 35- 88 43 10- Cylindrical Object: ©SKY-MAP.ORG)

(19 25 12- 89 46 03- Large Object: © SKY-MAP.ORG)

(02 26 39- 89 43 13- Circular Object: © SKY-MAP.ORG)

There has been much skepticism by debunkers that the photos were faked and there is no alien invasion scenario as proposed by SETI (the very institute that detected these objects)!  There has been statement that these reports have been created as screen savers on computers to a fictional character named “Kasnov;” who SETI denies as an employee.  Those who support the claim state that NASA is hiding this information from the public to prevent mass hysteria.  Whatever the case may be, many speculate that there is something that will involve aliens and contact either at the Olympics or by the end of the year.

Whether we can expect contact this month or soon by alien beings of a superior technology and culture, we as humans must be vigilant.  We should not use the mentality of “shoot first as questions later;” however we should be wary of this type of situation.  Our race is at a cross roads at this time in all aspects from the environment and our manipulation of nature to enhancing our technology to live longer and healthier.  Perhaps these beings are here to stop our “progress” and use of nuclear weapons due to our “pesky” nature.  There could be the possibility that some races out there are benevolent in nature; however do not seem to take our race in interest for a numerous possibility of reasons.  If there were in fact races with our interests at heart, I do not believe they would allow the atrocities of human nature and the results of what is transpiring now: war, famine/malnutrition, torture, abuse (physical/mental), rape, religious doctrine, GMO’s, racial inequalities, uneven distribution of wealth between rich and poor, poor education, lack of human communities, animal cruelty, and techno-fix addiction.   These examples a few in comparison the many problems this world is experiencing.  Instead of adhering to victim consciousness (the belief that a god/messiah will save humanity) and the hope/desperation that these beings may “save” us from ourselves, maybe the truth is that we are alone and need to prove our worth before intervention from these beings actually takes place.



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© James Astrada 2012

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