The Nonsense Papers: Politician Swears Alien Lineage Within Family

By James W. Astrada


When most people hear stories of UFO and their relation to humans, they are considered either fantasy or nonsense.  Whenever the case is presented, it is usually either a poor individual that no one would take seriously, or an individual that would be considered either mentally disturbed or delusional based on established science.  What if however, the individual happens to be a respected member of society like a politician or part of a town council of affairs?  One case investigated might hint at bizarre but possibly truthful claims.

A labor politician has announced at his town council to his colleagues that his “real mother” is a nine foot alien with eight fingersSimon Parkes, who was elected to represent Stakesby ward on Whitby Town Council in February 2012, assured those that even those he had thousands of claimed encounters with aliens, it would not affected his judgment in helping the residents of the seaside community in England.  After announcing his news on YouTube, he told his story of how at the age of 8 months, a tall figure with what he described with a “traditional kite-shaped face,” huge eyes, and tiny mouth appeared at his bedside.  He also stated that he was able to view two green “stick figures” that he identified as not his mother which he described with “pink hands.”  To make matters more interesting, he furthered clarified that once the being was face to face with him, it somehow sent a message telepathically down his optic nerve straight into his brain with the following message: “I am your real mother, I am your more important mother.”  Parkes also mentioned that after contracting the chicken pox at the age of 3, his “human mother” left him alone at home to fend for himself until an 8 foot being that he labeled “doctor” dressed as a waiter appeared before him to offer help.  After a huge lapse of about 8 years, he then claimed to board an alien craft at the age of 11 with the help of his alien mother.  After certain conversation with his alien mother and other beings, he made some sort of deal with them, although he didn’t go into detail.  His belief for his encounter with alien beings was that his soul was the main interest, not his physical body.  The human soul is said to weigh 22 grams and contain energy and source from the universe.  Parkes may be right in the value of the soul, but as far as where it comes from, many will argue individual beliefs based on religious institutions.  Parkes also stated that these beliefs on aliens did not recently appear before the election, they were always present.  It was also hard for anyone who has not experienced this sort of encounter and would not be accepted.  All of his colleagues have not commented about his speech.  Although he discussed the alien belief system, he assured the people that he would not focus on this stipulation, rather on pressing issues within the community.  He mentioned that people didn’t want to hear about aliens although he claimed they knew more about the needs of the community than the people did.

Parkes has a lot of information concerning the “mantis” aliens and inter-dimensional beings including (Greys and Reptiles).  During the interview he maintained an intellectual argument and did not seem mentally disillusioned whatsoever.  The length of the video also was amazing in that he was able to discuss about his encounter for a long period of time coherently. Even under hypnosis, he was able to explain detailed information from his encounters, although many will argue that it was staged.  Could it be that there actually could be a mantis-type race of benevolent beings who take an interest in human beings for our benefit?  Parkes was adamant that these aliens did not hurt him and he will continue to communicate with them.  Is this man opening up to real events that could lead to a final disclosure for 2012 as many hope?  As bizarre as the story is, he remains confident in his belief as many religions do about their “god” or “messiah,” so judging him would be no different.  Even further, humans should not judge each other but instead be open to new ideas that spawn outside their comfort zone of fantasy and ignorance based on religious dogma.  This councilman was confident to expose himself publicly which many would not take the chance on doing for their professional career.  For this I give him credit for his belief on a subject that is ridiculed by established science and society in general.  He may be a prime example of courage; that should set an example for those who have similar experience to come forward and force society to open their minds to a new reality that is living side by side with their fantastic beliefs (that we already contain in our midst). Rationality, common sense, and logic are necessary to the human thought process.  Living in the 21st century with all of the advancements made in science, health, discoveries of our human past, and technology, we should be vigilant about them as they are nearing extinction.



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©James Astrada 2012.

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