Respond With Love and Respect


loveWhen it seems like no one is treating us right and we are catching it from everybody; what are we to do? Should just give it back to them? Fight fire with fire? Say more hateful words back to them? Do more hurtful actions back to them to get even or one up on them? Should we ignore them and act like we don’t care about them? What to do?

The way I would handle this situation has not always been the right way by any means. I normally would do one extreme or the other; I would fight back or act like they never existed. Neither being the right way. all_you_need_is_love_by_WiNSANEThe right way is to treat them with love and respect. We carry one of two things; a can of gas or a can of water. What I mean by this is; we can either throw gas on the fire or water on the fire. We can make the situation more heated and worse or we can cool it down in an attempt to make it better. I know that in the heat of the moment it can be very difficult to do the right thing. When, not if, we don’t do what is right, be quick to ask forgiveness; even if it wasn’t your fault the situation happened. Be quick to apologize and get back on the right path.

Don’t harbor those bad, angry and revengeful feelings. Get them out of your mind and heart immediately. Keep your heart clean. Keep your mind clean. We have to realize that our destiny is at stake here. When we don’t respond in love to every situation we allow unhealthy emotions and feelings to flood us and take over our mind and heart. Our destiny requires that we have a clean and healthy heart and mind; as well as body. They all three, mind, spirit and body work in unity. So we have to keep them in unity. Respond in love to that family member, co-worker, classmate, boss, checkout person, waiter/waitress, spouse, ex-spouse, or total stranger. In other words treat everyone with love and respect. Treat them better than you even want to be treated. You can do it!!

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