Interviews Almney King, author of “The Valley of Anchor.”

What was the publishing process like for you?

SignatureFrom my perspective, the publishing process was very exciting. I had the opportunity to work with some very talented and passionate people who I could tell cared a great deal about my first major achievement as a writer. The members of Sakura Publishing were very diligent and welcomed me with open arms. I felt very well cared for and was truly blessed to work with such a dedicated group of people. Sakura Publishing not only offered a high quality and spectacularly polished finish, but the rare opportunity to feel engaged, appreciated, and cherished as an author. The publishing process is truly the most explosive part of being a young author, and I’m eager to repeat it all over again.


What inspired you to be a poet?

almneyI cannot say that I was inspired to become a poet. The first poem I ever wrote was on impulse, and I think that was because I was born a poet as most poets are. However, I was motivated to write my first poem due to an unexplainable urge, a churning of emotions during a random moment on a particularly random summer afternoon. Except it wasn’t random since I’m not one to believe in mere coincidences. It was an extraordinarily “ah ha” moment in time when I heard a voice and obeyed it. Unfortunately, most people tend to miss these moments because they’re attempting catch their blessing with a closed fist. I refused to miss my grand “ah ha” and finally exposed myself, so in a way, I suppose I can say it was freedom that motivated me to write; freedom to think farther and travel deeper without limitation.


Tell us about The Valley of Anchor. Which poem is your favorite?

anchorThe Valley of Anchor is a collaboration of poems that reveal a dynamic assortment of individual and societal truths. Each poem exposes that truth and, in a sense, acts as a remedy to assuage the aches of those concealed or ignored truths. No matter what subject is tackled, I never leave my reader without hope, and it is that hope I believe will strengthen that individual. The Valley of Anchor is not about changing others. I intended for the poems to act as windows; windows to strength, acceptance, courage, and spiritual awakening.

The poem I favor the most would have to be A Beautiful Way to Drown. I think there is a soothing fragility about the poem that really assuages the mind. The message is also very enthralling and perhaps retains the most unique message through entire book, that sometimes in order to grasps the most beautiful aspects of life we must die in order to see ourselves revived.


Since publishing, you’ve been doing public readings. Where do you do those, and how do you like it?

open-micTypically, I attend open-mics in local coffee shops. I also attended Faith Miracle Temple Church in Florissant Missouri as a guest speaker for their annual “Dream Month” at their request. I find nothing in this world more liberating and thrilling than to publically share my work. When I’m before a crowd, I feel as if there is an inseparable emotional and spiritual connection between myself and the audience.

This brief and silent conversation between myself and others is invaluable. It is the epitome of joy in my perspective, it is beyond fathomable and something I wish everyone would strive to experience.


You also have an up and coming fiction novel, can you give us some insight into your vision?

poetry-writing-all-writingI have worked every profound thought and emotion into this upcoming novel. I can only hope that my readers come to realize how wonderfully blessed I am to have them and how much compassion I truly have for them as well. Some follow the money, but I follow the magic. Therefore, this novel is about making an imprint not an impression; an imprint that my readers can carry with them for a lifetime. My vision is that this novel takes them not only to another dimension of thought, but very deep within and without themselves. I hope to not merely entertain, but to empower my readers through the journey they shall embark throughout the novel.


Where can we pick up a copy of your work?

You can purchase The Valley of Anchor and any of my future published works from my website, Amazon or from the Sakura Publishing website. Thank you so very much for showing interest in my work. God bless.

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