Every year billions of dollars are spent by corporations and individuals to gain knowledge so people can do more. Knowing more stuff does not necessarily produce the desired results. Experiential learning is far more valuable than book learning when it comes to producing results in your life.

What does producing results have to do with manifesting thoughts? What we have in our lives (results) is in direct correlation to the thoughts we think. As Napoleon Hill stated, “Thoughts are Things.” Stop and ponder that statement a moment. Thoughts ARE Things. Hum, what does that mean? Is it liberating to know that? Is it scary? It is complete hogwash? Well, check it out for yourself. Look around you. Everything you see was once a thought in someone’s mind – cars, planes, internet, iPods, digital imagery, chairs, bicycles – you get the picture.

How then, do thoughts become something tangible? Keep in mind, everything has a vibration. Thinking activates vibration. Emotion enhances vibration. A thought thought upon long to have an emotional attachment creates a very powerful force. At that point the thought begins to take more form, theories start to be created. By bouncing back and forth between thought and theory gives way to facts. The thought becomes more real the more you think upon it. Little by little cooperative componentggs begin to appear. You take notice; you continue to be energized by the series of events unfolding. Like magic, your thoughts begin to manifest.

To have mastery of your thoughts, look to how you feel. Good feelings equal good thoughts. By noticing how we feel, we give ourselves the power to recognize, in an instant, we have the ability to feel good by changing the thoughts we think.

One key element to remember is – you get what you think about whether you want it or not. In our attraction based universe, there is no exclusion. Really! The today we are experiencing is our manifested thought from yesterday or the past. What thoughts are you thinking today?

Most people think that they are thinking. Do not mistake mental activity for thinking. A lot of mental activity consists of thoughts that have been inherited, passed down from one generation to another. Sometimes these thoughts are called Beliefs or Habits. Thinking requires effort. The effort put forth to Think is relatively small compared to the results you could receive by dedicating a fraction of your day to this activity. You know when you experience an original thought. It is inspiring. It feels great! The next time you complain about the results (manifest thoughts) in your life, take a look at what you’ve been thinking.

© Helen Hossley

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