Interviews Rob Nadigel, Creator of DJ Emotion Branding

How did you get involved with music & media?
DJ EmotionI always had a passion for music. I had 2 dreams One was to work in huge nightclubs and the other was to DJ on cruise ships. With hard work and commitment i manged to do both. Currently I help mentor and recruit DJs for major cruise lines and nightclubs you can check out my site

Where did you come up with your unique branding for marketing music?
7 years ago I was shopping around my fancy black and white resume hoping to land a gig somewhere in Vegas and each time i was asked where is your DJ press kit. It dawned to me there was a market for this sort of tool for djs, thats how got created

Do you also perform or work as a DJ yourself?

DJ Emotion 2Currently I DJ at Hudsons in Calgary and I also manage a team of DJs in Calgary. I also recruit DJs to various clubs around the city.

What’s the focus of your DJdrop brand and who is your audience?

My audience are DJs but I also get lots of people who have online radio stations. Some DJs need intros and other DJs just need one liners. As an example your in the mix with DJ emotion. Check out

Who is your most important client or success story?

Every client is important to me. I treat each client with the same respect and passion. Each time I see DJs get work its gradifiying and rewarding. Check out my DJ Consultation Services.

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