Interviews the Creator of, David Werba.

ewoth3Tell us a bit about who you are, and why you’re so passionate about words?
Most of my life has revolved around the Arts, and I feel most alive during the process of creation. Early on, it was drawing, painting, and caricatures…and that progressed into music. After learning to play several instruments, I became obsessed with the guitar. I started a band with some friends in college, and after graduation it became my career for the next eight years – touring, composing, and recording albums. Consistent throughout, though, has been my passion for writing and making up my own words. My sister and I had our own language growing up, as I’m sure many siblings do, and it just grew from there.

ewoth.comWhat is the objective of, and what does Ewoth mean?
Ewoth is an acronym for “Excellent Words of Tremendous Honor”. I wanted the name to be phonetically unique, have a deeper meaning, and also be a little funny to say. I’ve found words like that to be unforgettable. My goal is to create the most comprehensive, reputable, and enjoyable slang dictionary online.

What are you attempting to change by creating
First and foremost, we give full credit to word creators and offer to link to their website should they choose. We also allow people to claim words, should they see a word in the dictionary with credit “unknown” or if they created a word earlier than the credit date listed. By doing this, we are adding a gigantic new element to slang etymology by including the story of the creators. We will have a much higher class of moderation, better word presentation with graphic imagery and definitions, digital fingerprint integration, and many more features that make unique. We have much more in the pipeline too, and you can follow the progress at

ewoth250x250You’ve started to use crowdsourcing to help move your project to the next level.  What are your thoughts on this method of pursuing your dreams?
The traditional venture capital approach can be an extremely difficult process, especially if you’re outside the corporate clique…and I’ve always been way outside in my career. I think crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo are compelling because they eliminate much of the red tape from the old-school funding model. You do have to run more of your own PR, but you get to maintain full ownership of your project and creative vision, and you get to give some really cool perks back to contributors. I chose Indiegogo for the Ewoth Dictionary campaign…I’m calling it our “Stage 1 Crowdfunding” and it accepts contributions up until July 24th –>

What’s your favourite word in the Ewoth dictionary?
I’d have to say right now it’s “Meanderthal – A person who wanders aimlessly throughout malls, stores, and other public places, walking in a slow inconsistent manner that constantly gets in the way of other people.” I encounter meanderthals all the time, and I love having this word to whisper under my breath as I finally make my way around these people at the store. It’s also a great example of a word that has an unknown creator. I’m greatly looking forward to the day when Ewoth is popular enough to get the attention of these word creators, so they can come and claim their credit.

Do you have a day job as well?
I’ve been working online full-time since 2002, and since early 2012 my focus has been Web Design/Architecture and Marketing Consult for small business via my company

Thanks very much, where can we check out your latest projects?
In addition to Ewoth Dictionary, I’ve been building the new Ewoth Blog at It will highlight the latest news, better explain how the dictionary is unique, and help readers with new word submissions. You can also see some of my latest web projects at Excellent Regards, David Werba.

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