Can you tell us a bit about your website

mc_kit__99_Hi and Thanks Robert …I set up as a venture and a website for information on 21st century SOLUTIONS for Familys and for personal Well-being or what I call Family ” WealthBEEing.”

How are you hoping to end poverty with your programs?

We are in the 21st century and for most of us we are living or existing in ideas from the 18th century. As most know and it is becoming more common sense and knowledge …we need A shift in thinking …A new ParaDyme.

From my global research I have found a Global Lack of Financial education or what I call…Lack of A 21st century COMPREHENSIVE Financial Education program for KIDS and one that could be used by Parents and Family’s to up-skill themselves in what they weren’t taught.

This is not a Quick fix …but I believe over time this will and can MAKE.A.DIFFERENCE. in balancing out and sharing the wealth and abundance that is available, So we can ALL do the Good we see that needs to be done.  With MONEYCLEVER Education we can ALL come to have that CHOICE !!

What is the impact of a lack of financial education in societies?

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAAs you know Robert …Its a massive Subject and Challenge …  The IMPACT because of the lack of financial education in societies, affects the lives of KIDS, Parents, Familys and many in their Later years and so much more.  People are struggling because they do not have either TIME or MONEY or BOTH.  This is not a quick fix, but MONEYCLEVER Education can give at least OUR KIDS a TIME and MONEY Lifestyle, which I believe …WE ALL CAN and Will ALL benefit from in the future, by implementing this NOW !!

Many are waiting for their Education system or Government to implement Financial Education, but again from my research there’s many reasons I could tell you, BUT the “BEST Solution” is that MONEYCLEVER Financial education *CAN and should be introduced by Parents and Familys.  *CAN …in my program I put what many Adults know or at least are aware of into WHAT’s missing …into A Program, A Plan and A Path.

You’ve created a “Money Clever Kids and Family” system, can you tell us a bit about that?

GMJJMCWe all have different paths in life … mine has taken me on a journey from starting work at 15 years old to building Good wealth …to GOD taking it All away and putting me on this path to EDUCATE KIDS and Familys to SUCCEED!!

In my last 40 years I’ve built successful businesses, coached hundreds in Personal development and Martial Arts, built a property portfolio, delved into shares and bought land and gave my family a Millionaires Lifestyle. I got to a point where I had “TIME and MONEY” because of M.S.I. Multiple.Sources.of Income….and then it ALL went , From this Devastating time in my Family’s and my life and with our newborn son of 6 months I came to a realisation ALL could have the CHOICE of a TIME and MONEY Lifestyle …but the Education was Lacking.

We CAN start with OUR Kids, as I’m doing and the MONEYCLEVER system is a START ….to whats missing. It introduces Simple Implementable ideas, Education and Actions to introduce M.S.I. Financial education.  START with G.A.T.E.S. Goal Skills, Saving, Budgeting are important YES, but in the 21st century a Full Financial Education can and NEEDS to include ALL that is Available, JOB / Career is ONE source of income, but Don’t make it your *ONLY Source, Internet …is NEW and a Great opportunity, Property, Shares, Entrepreneurial Business skills
…at this POINT Robert, for those who SEE this makes some sense. I say GO to the Website and implement what makes sense …My venture is for BRIGHTER FAMILY Futures and AIMS to making this education Accessible, much is FREE and Freely available for OUR KIDS if you have a PATH to follow, my Aim is Make it Affordable and LIFE changing.  There is enough for US ALL !!

A Get_Buzzy_DL_FlyerWhat kind of results are families experiencing with your programs?

The response I get is that Most see this as Needed and Common sense …but many people are so ingrained in past thinking and just getting by they are reluctant to change. This is why At this stage I am just creating Awareness of MONEYCLEVER education and 21st century Solutions for KIDS, Parents, Familys and Adults.  You can see my venture PATH at

What’s next for Get Buzzy Education?

To build a KIDS and FAMILY Brand name that people will hear about and that people connect with me to Help themselves, their Family’s and Community’s and that we continue to spread H.O.P.E. Health. Opportunity. Prosperity. Empowerment is OUR Mission at with the ACTION M.A.D. and M.A.D.MA people.

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