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“The meaning beneath the famous saying of Socrates: “Man, know thyself” is that everything you ‘know’ and ‘believe’ and ‘think’ needs examining to discover the logic and the reasoning. The spiritual and real life rewards for doing so are immeasurable. To not consider such issues to be important is the way of the zombie.”

~Robert Bruce,

Akkadian:Can you please tell us a bit about yourself, your life, your background and what led you down the path to becoming a Mystic?
Robert Bruce:astral-projection-300x300This would take a couple of books to do it justice. In brief… I was altered by ETs (large greys) during my childhood. My first real memory of this happening comes from the age of about four years old. I had experienced a type of waking paralysis, where I would wake up paralysed while experiencing very unpleasant vibrations. These are not like OBE (out of body experience) type vibrations. Imagine chewing on aluminium foil and you get the general idea.

I started having OBE’s and visions just after the first ET experience, and had thousands during my childhood. Leaping ahead to my early 20’s, my parents took an interest in spiritual matters and I was exposed to a lot of books on this. Then, I started attending spiritual groups with my mother, and this led me to start a healing and teaching center. I continued exploring OBE and clairvoyance throughout.

I continued in this way for many years, until a master materialized to me and taught me what he called ‘The Way of the Master’, which is, basically, to apply scientific method to my spiritual exploration. That is, to restructure my belief system so it was based solely on personal experience. This is the only way to sort truth from untruth. I have never looked back.

Akkadian:How would you define Mysticism?
Robert Bruce:Mysticism is to approach the greater reality through personal experience only, and not on the teachings and books of others. This is the only way to purify your beliefs and is of major importance. The master explained to me that beliefs generate filters in the mind, perceptual filters. All knowledge and inspiration flows into us from the collective consciousness of the universe. In order to have a clear and truthful flow, it is necessary that your beliefs are as closely aligned with truth as possible..
Akkadian:I’ve read a bit before about the “Way of the Master” you have once discussed before, back in your website community. Can you describe to those of us who are not familiar, what the “Way of the master” is, and how they can apply it to benefit their lives?
Robert Bruce:The master gave me instructions on how to do this for myself. It is fairly simple. He told me to write a list of all the things I believed. Several pages appeared when I did this. He then told me to write another list of the things I believed in that I had actually experienced firsthand. A short list of about eight items appeared.

    • Astral Projection is real, as I have had thousands of OBEs
    • Clairvoyance is real, as I have always had visions and seen auras
    • Healing is real, as I have both given and received powerful healing
    • Subtle energy and chakras are real, as I work with these daily
    • Spirits exist, good and bad, as I have experienced these
    • Angels and demons exist, as I have encountered many
    • Kundalini is real, as I have raised the serpent to the full many times
    • Manifestation and


      are real, as I have used these for many years

    Many more have appeared since this time. Once I got my belief system sorted to the best of my ability, information and inspiration began to flow.

    Akkadian:Do you, yourself, practice any system of magick?
    Robert Bruce:I practice a little of the Hermetic system, but I mainly use manifestation. Manifestation is the underlying engine of all systems of magick.
    Akkadian:How would you describe the process of magick as a scientific method, as well from a Mystic’s perspective?
    Robert Bruce:Manifestation is the underlying engine of all systems of magick. Any system of magick uses analogy and ritual to focus the mind the manifest results. In this sense, magick can be very detailed and scientific. It can be defined in this way: A=the operator, and B=the ritual or method, and C=the result. So, if A and B agree then C will always be the result. This is why magicians train so hard to perfect their focus and their actions, to make A and B agree, so C is always the result. This also applies where spirits are involved in the magickal process. This is why extensive training is needed to achieve consistent results.

    Franz Bardon‘s book, Initiation Into hermetics (IIH) is the standard 101 training guide for the Hermetic system of magick. It is written for beginners in Hermetic magick, but it contains some fairly advanced training practices.

    A magician performs all the practices in this book every day, in much the same way as a martial arts practitioner practices every day.

    In this way, the magician (the operator) keeps in shape so that A and B will agree more closely with C.

    From a mystic’s point of view, the process of magick involves working with the higher self. All magical practices and rituals and training work towards improving higher self connection and communication. In this sense, all magick involves manifestation. The manifestation process involves expressing intention of a desired result until the universe provides the result C.

    Experience with manifestation success is the same as magickal success. And this, success, is a well known problem with both magick and manifestation. You need experience with success before magick will work properly. This, because your beliefs need to be properly aligned with the magickal process in order for it to work effectively. This is a problem that every beginner must face.

    Demonstrations of magick by successful magicians help to show what is possible, but magickal experience cannot be passed on. It must be earned and learned the hard way, through direct personal experience.

    The exercises in IIH are superb in this sense, as they give students actual experience. The needle exercise, for example, where you use your mind to move a metal needle that is made to float on water, provides excellent personal experience.

    The needle exercise is very simple, and a major challenge for any student. It can take weeks or even months of daily effort in order to move the needle with your mind. But once this is accomplished everything else becomes suddenly easier. The effort involved in getting success with the needle exercise is considerable, barring natural ability, and it will forever change you.

    Magickal training can be likened to body building. While you will not get immediate results with body building, it is well known that if you keep exercising your muscles will grow and your health will improve.

    Magick is both a scientific and a mystical process. But you have to actually do the work for long enough to get results. Understanding these processes comes from succeeding with the work. And in this way, those students that keep up the regular training will in time become magicians.

    Most magickal students in the modern world give up after struggling with the training exercises for a few weeks or so. This eliminates those who are not suited, and they will never fully understand magickal processes. Those that continue, however, will succeed and go on to become full fledged magicians.

    It all comes down to doing the work until you get results.

    Akkadian:There are divisions among the metaphysical communities on time and effort put toward magick. The Old world magickal systems were far more complex than today’s standard for Magick here in the western world, where instant gratification is a necessity. Is Magick all just “Law of Attraction” as some here would believe it to be, or are Rituals and external components necessary? I understand a question like this can vary, but under what conditions for example would you find it practical or necessary to put a lot of time, effort, with any other external components versus just thinking one will attract whatever one wants by belief in it alone with no additional metaphysical effort?
    Robert Bruce:All belief systems and systems of magick have a shelf life and eventually become dogmatized. When this happens, people argue over the fine points and lose sight of the belief system (or magickal system) itself. Magickal systems then become opposed, in much the same way as divisions within the Christian church become opposed — Catholic versus Protestant, and etc. Wars are often fought over minor differences in the interpretation of beliefs.

    The essence of any belief system (or magickal system) is that it needs to evolve in order to stay healthy. And I do not mean to evolve in the sense that the interpretation of the core beliefs and dogma and practices can evolve. I mean that the way of the master should always evolve as personal experience evolves.

    All mystics face the same problem when they begin to make real progress in their understanding of the greater reality. And this is…what to share and when to share. “What if I discover later that I am wrong, of that there is a better way of seeing and doing these things?” This can inhibit the passing on of knowledge greatly. The answer to this is to share what you have now, but to make it clear that nothing that is shared is the final truth. People should then take what is shared as a starting point, but while also being open to its continual evolution.

    For example, my system of Body Awareness Tactile Imaging. This is the missing link between Eastern systems of energy work that were brought to the West a couple of hundred years ago. These Eastern systems suffered in translation, because the Western languages had no words to describe ‘how’ to move energy and stimulate the human energy body. I found the words to do this, and my system is a starting point. It is not a finished product. I impress this on all my students and encourage them to modify my techniques and to discover new things and new ways of doing what I teach, and new applications.

    Akkadian:Are there any books you would recommend for our members here that would be valuable to their spiritual growth?
    Robert Bruce:I recommend all of my books – for good reason: Astral Dynamics, Energy Work, and The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook, are essential reading for anyone that wishes to approach the greater reality.

    I also suggest ‘The Four Agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruize. If people can adopt these 4 small agreements, their lives will be so much easier. His other books are also wonderful reading. The power of now, by Eckhart Tolle.

    As for understanding the greater reality, I would also suggest the many works of Paul Brunton…especially his 16 volumes ‘The Notebooks of Paul Brunton’.

    Akkadian:Are you planning to work on any more books or projects for the near future?
    Robert Bruce:Yes, I have several major books planned, including a book detailing my experience of being demonically possessed for several weeks, and releasing myself, called: Deep Waters. Also, a new series of ‘nutshell’ booklets of 50 pages each, focusing on specific subjects. My next major video program is called “Defense Against The Dark Arts”. This should be available at the end of this year, or early next year.
    Akkadian:I feel it’s most important for our members here to read your book, “Practical Psychic Self-Defense”, especially in this modern century where the reality of external subtle influences and their effects on the human psyche is being ignored and severely underestimated. Can you give a brief overview of your book, and what kinds of beneficial information to expect and methods on psychic defense one can obtain? Why is psychic defense so important in this age and how is it relevant to the average person, who may be equipped with little or no metaphysical knowledge?
    Robert Bruce:The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook focuses on ‘practical’ ways to counter psychic attacks and attacks by negative entities of all kinds. This includes the use of running water and electrical grounding, as well as fumigation with incense and other substances known to have cleansing effects and to repulse negative energies. These practical methods are the most effective, as anything more complex or subtle can be impossible for most people to do under the adverse mental and energy conditions create during psychic attacks and invasions.

    Most other psychic self-defense methods you might hear of require significant knowledge, plus advanced visualization and concentration skills, not to mention a whole lot of faith. Most of the people that contact me with psychic self defense related matters cannot absorb a single page from a book under such unsettling circumstances. This can be likened to trying to carry out any task that requires concentration and focus during a major anxiety attack while you have a serious hangover. I have tried other methods thoroughly under live field conditions (during major psychic attacks) and although many methods sound good in theory, they just don’t work very well in practice.

    The practical methods given in my book are things that anyone can do at any time. For example, just getting in the shower will stop 99% of attacks cold. They may continue when you leave the shower, but it gives you time to think and plan your next move…like turning on the overhead lights, lighting several incense sticks, putting on some music, doing a banishment, etc.

    The reason that everyone should learn at least some basic psychic self defense methods, is because you never know when this knowledge will be needed. It is a bit like learning first aid. You need to do it for yourself, for family and friends, and for children. Children and even babies probably suffer more psychic invasions than adults, usually from hereditary attachments to the family. Unfortunately, parents are usually so scared by this possibility that they tend to slip into denial and do nothing. For this reason I give a number of chapters specifically on how to help children and babies in this situation. And by and large this does not involve doing anything too weird.

    Akkadian:Would you share any anecdotes about astral projection in which you had your experience validated?
    Robert Bruce:Twenty years ago, my wife and I divorced. A few years after this, I had an OBE and found myself at the beach watching my x wife and a stranger kissing and talking in a car at the beach. I overheard some of their conversation. His name was Patrick. The next day, I called my X wife and asked ‘Who the heck is Patrick?’ She dropped the phone and then, breathless, exclaimed ‘How did you find out…I only met him last night!” My higher self sometimes pulls me to areas and events that may concern me during OBE.
    Akkadian:You contribute much to the metaphysical field, most of us here know your work concerning the subject of Astral Projection and Out of Body Experience. I wanted to ask, have you discovered, with all the knowledge and experience you’ve accumulated through the course of your life concerning this topic, is there a difference between an Out Of body Experience and an Astral Projection? What about Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection?
    Robert Bruce:Pure Real Time astral projection is a projection of the ‘flesh’ and this projection contains the ego body mind. This is why you feel ‘different’ during OBE, as if you left half your mind and memory in your physical body, and also why primal urges, like sex, are so volatile. This type of experience is difficult to remember.

    Dreaming is a mental projection, a projection of mind. Lucid dreaming is a conscious mental projection, a conscious projection of the mind, with Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming being the most powerful. This aspect of self is more refined, contains full consciousness and memory. It is also much easier to recall than astral projection.

    Dreaming (mental projection) happens in the mental dimension. Astral Projection happens in the astral dimension. The astral and mental dimensions are similar, in that they both have plane-like structures. Both astral and mental dimensions have Real Time aspects to them.

    What is called OBE is generally a mixture of Astral body and Mental body projection. The percentages of astral and mental aspects varies enormously, according to the degree of activation of each of the Chakras at the time.

    Akkadian:What are the possibilities with Astral Projection in your experience and what sorts of information can be obtained, if one were to be adept at it, as yourself.
    Robert Bruce:The possibilities are unlimited, but people have built in limitations according to their belief systems. The Way of The Master (personal experience approach to the greater reality) is necessary to more than scratch the surface of OBE.
    Akkadian:What are your views on the spiritual worlds?
    Robert Bruce:You may have heard of the concept of ‘The Middle Plateau’. This is usually presented as an analogy, where at the bottom we have the material world we live in, physical reality, and at the top we have the enlightened planes. In between is a grey area that is often called ‘The Middle Plateau’, that is heavily populated with mischievous and deceiving spirits and demons. The aspirant to the magus must pass through this plateau, through the lies and misdirection, in order to stand in the pure light of truth.

    What people do not understand from the above is that they are already living in the middle plateau. This is a part of the physical reality in which we live. It is all around us all the time. It is not a destination. To pass through the middle plateau involves the evolution of consciousness…to wake up and see reality for what it truly is.

    Akkadian:This has all been very helpful. On behalf of the POLARIS community, I would like to express our deepest gratitude. There is much to look forward to in the near future as we continue to work together exploring the vast depth of these mysteries, spanning the spectrum from demonic and psychic attacks to combat and defense of the self from negative influences.

    It’s been a pleasure, Mr. Bruce. Is there anything else you would like to add for our readers?

    Robert Bruce:Looking back on my life, beyond daily meditation and energy work and astral projection and clairvoyance, my eyes were opened in my late 30’s, when a master materialized before me and gave me, what I have called, ‘The Catch Basket Concept’. This is key for tapping into all knowledge in the universe, be it spiritual, metaphysical, magickal, creative, or scientific. This concept is, basically, to apply ‘Scientific Method’ to your life, and to proceed solely according to your own personal experience, as opposed to following the ideas and beliefs of others. This concept is the only thing that has allowed me to sort the wheat from the chaff, the false from the real; and there is so much to choose from today. There is no other logical or realistic way to proceed than through your own personal experience. I have proven this in the body of my work and books. The New Age path is becoming more and more dogmatic by the day, where accepted consensus beliefs have become more important than actual personal experience, peer review, and repeatability. Anyone following the New Age path would do wise to meditate on these things, if they wish to walk the path of the masters and explore the greater reality.

    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed herein belong solely to the interviewees/practitioners. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of the interviewing staff of P O L A R I S, and/or any/all members/contributors to this site. This community does not endorse any one religion or spiritual path over another — we embrace diversity in all its forms.


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