Subtle dimensions exist all around us that very few people ever notice or step into, even though they may believe these exist. The new techniques, ideas and procedures offered here are logical, effective and easy to apply. They provide a powerful set of tools, and ideas that make sense of out-of-body experience (also called OBE, or OOBE). This makes OBE more accessible and achievable than ever before.

The guidance offered here draws largely upon my personal experience. I have had countless OBEs since the age of four, and delight in a fresh hands-on approach. This has yielded me a profound understanding of the theory and practice of OBE. I have long realized that we know very little about OBE and other dimensions in general. Part of this lack comes from our natural, linear, 3D approach to everything, and the effects this has upon our beliefs. This works in the physical universe, but falls down badly once you step into 4D and beyond.

More important than improved techniques are the new ideas presented here, and in my books. The Mind Split Effect, for example, is truly groundbreaking. This makes sense of often-perplexing OBE phenomena. It also reveals why OBE appears to be so difficult to induce, when in fact it is achievable by everyone.

In a nutshell: during OBE the mind splits into two or more copies that operate simultaneously: the physical body/mind, the projected body/mind, and the dream body/mind. This complexity causes many problems during reintegration, when the physical body/mind awakens. Then, three separate memory streams for the same time period must form a single memory. Habitual beliefs and memory processes, and your higher self, have a lot to do with the resulting

Artist's depiction of the separation stage of ...
Artist’s depiction of the separation stage of an out-of-body experience, which often precedes free movement. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

memory, or the lack of one. Understanding this concept, and how to work with it and around it, is crucial for successful OBE. Without the memory of OBE, it never happened.


It is a simple matter for anyone to induce OBE or to dream lucidly, but there is a delicate set of conditions which make it possible to remember. There is a magic window of opportunity that allows for successful OBE recall. This appears briefly while you are awakening, while your consciousness flickers between sleeping and waking. The key to OBE involves understanding and utilizing this flickering state.

The importance of OBE and lucid dreaming becomes clear when you consider how these states bring you closer to your higher spiritual aspects. It is known, for example, that vision problems during OBE can usually be remedied by commanding: “Give me light” or “Give me clarity!” If you think about how the OBE command process works, it becomes clear that your own higher self is taking direct action. Here, the underlying principles of affirmations and the manifestation process are revealed. While out of body, you are much closer to your higher self than you are in your physical body/mind. Affirmations and commands have a more direct impact in subtle realms. These require more time and effort to work in the physical universe, but the principles are the same.

Conscious exit OBE is not as difficult as is commonly believed. Everyone projects out of body during sleep. Remembering these experiences is another matter due to the mind split effect. But anyone is capable of inducing and remembering out-of-body experiences, if they will just take the time to learn how it works and to practice a few basic skills. After this, it is just a matter of practice. This is a bit like learning to ride a bicycle, but instead of gravity, you must balance on the razor edge between sleeping and waking.

Your higher self, you will discover if you pursue learning how to induce conscious OBE, holds all the keys. Not only to OBE but to all psychic abilities and spiritual development. It is wisdom to work with this dynamic force, rather than against it. Aligning with your higher self solves many problems and greatly improves results. This also eases many of the natural fears associated with OBE.

Astral projection and lucid dreaming are fascinating endeavors. But they are much more than just interesting phenomena. They are spiritually significant states of being. Among other things, they provide glimpses of our higher spiritual purposes, pique interest, and draw our attention to spiritual matters. They encourage us to question the nature of reality. They make us think and ask questions. They cause us to look within, and to gaze beyond the physical universe. Increased attention on these things causes us to become more spiritually aware. We begin to realize that we are more than our physical bodies. We are also Source energy and immortal spirit. Our boundaries are stretched beyond the mundane as our beliefs change and our curiosity grows.

Over time, our desire to know more manifests additional spiritual experiences in our lives. We are guided inexorably towards becoming more spiritually conscious beings. This is the path of the masters. We all walk this path. It is as long or as short as it needs to be for each of us.

Think about the ubiquitous impli

Out of body experience
Out of body experience (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

cations of the mind?split, and how we draw closer to our divine aspects during OBE. Which is more real, the physical body or the subtle perfection of its projected double? Each can stand independently and say, “I think, therefore I am!”

If you ponder the workings of the Astral Wind and the Akashic Records, these suggest that all living things are interconnected. We all share the same spiritual roots and travel towards the same light. This may be tinted by our beliefs and biases, but it is the same good light.

And what of death? That last great journey out-of-body at life’s end. The only difference is the lack of a physical body in which to return. We will then stand free of our physical bodies, with more freedom and potential than ever imagined. If you have firsthand experience with OBE and lucid dreaming, you will not be doing anything new. The fear and sting of death is greatly eased. The possibility of life continuing becomes something known, rather than just wishful thinking. There is no better way to do this than through the practice of OBE.

There are profound similarities between OBE, lucid dreaming, and the afterlife. Life here in the physical universe appears to be an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. In similar ways, the OBE and lucid dreaming also appear to be illusions. We may not fully understand these things, but there appears to be no actual differences. Life continues on after death in much the same way as it did during life. Death is a natural extension of life, not the end.

If you experience Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming, which I suggest is a projection of the mental body, you will understand just how powerful OBEs can be. They can be totally indistinguishable from physical reality.

I speak here from observations made during visits to afterlife areas. There are many variations on how the afterlife transpires for individuals. What happens depends upon how much life pain, emotional baggage, and beliefs concerning death, are carried into the afterlife. These are the things that generate the afterlife environment.

Most deceased spirits spend a couple of weeks in the real time zone, where they are like ghosts in the physical world. Then they get tired, fall asleep and dream. These dreams are so potent that most spirits do not realize they have died. Life goes on for them pretty much as it did in real life. They can still go for a walk on the beach, hug loved ones, get a cup of coffee, see a movie or read a book. There is nothing ghastly about the afterlife. It is just a different state of being.

In these exquisitely powerful dreams, spirits process their lives, often reliving parts repeatedly until these are processed. When progress is made, spirits move on to new levels of existence. There can be many stages to this processing—as many as are needed. Time is meaningless there. It takes as long as needed, be it weeks or centuries. Once the bulk of life issues are resolved, spirits move into what could be called heavenly realms. There, they enjoy life and wait for loved ones to join them. The settings of these realms vary, as they are shaped by beliefs and expectations.

An interesting thing about afterlife realms is the anomalies. This is similar to how anomalies appear during all OBEs and lucid dreams. Your hands melt and objects change when looked at, furniture and fixtures go missing or are out of place, reading and writing are difficult, words change and disappear, the pen you are using might run out of ink, etc. Think about the implications. These anomalies draw your attention to the fact that you are not in a physical reality. Beyond OBE and dreaming, this also helps deceased spirits know they are in illusory states, which helps them to realize this and to let go and move on.

A word about affirmations here: verbal affirmations are far more powerful than silent affirmations. This is because the spoken word activates the throat chakra (the throat chakra is linked to the astral part of you) and this projects your voice onto the astral level. Your higher self is far more receptive and proactive on the astral level than it is on the physical level. So for best results, use a combination of verbal and silent affirmations and commands, when working on achieving conscious OBE.

There is much to learn concerning OBE and it can all seem a bit daunting at times. But OBE is actually very simple and easy to achieve. You leave your body every night. You just do not remember this. It is a matter of learning and practicing some new skills, and then applying them. The best advice I have to help with OBE and lucid dreaming, is to keep practicing and affirming. Use verbal affirmations every day. Speak and act like you already astral project easily…and so it will be…

Robert Bruce


“Seventh Journey” A Book Series About Astral Projection Experiences

Jacob Cross is a scientist that creates a technology that instantly allows him to achieve instant Astral Projection, along with telepathy, remote viewing, and other paranormal powers.  The series borrows from researched real life astral project experiences, and paints a vivid descriptions of other dimensions.

Before fully understanding what Jacob had achieved, the technology was stolen and misused, accidentally releasing a demonic and destructive force called “Luzige.”  Now Jacob must come to terms with what he’s become, and use the technology to stop Luzige before it’s too late.

Seventh Journey Book I, revolves around Jacob’s initial Astral Projections, and Lucid Dreams.  It also introduces the antagonist, Edward Aidan, a ruthless leader within the Netex Corporation, who financed all of Jacob’s research.  Aidan also begins to use the technology Jacob invented, and begins having several astral experiences of his own, although much more negative in nature.

Book I has received great feedback from readers, and critics alike, winning an Editor’s choice award from iUniverse, a subsidiary of Penguin books.  Seventh Journey was also featured in a Readers Choice feature for Science Fiction and Fantasy novels.

Book II focuses on a different timelines, based on the same characters and events which unfolded for Jacob Cross in Book I.  Book II moves forward into the future, and explores an a dimension already ravaged by Luzige.  This is where the series really focuses on exploring several aspects of Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Energy work, and other psychic phenomenon.  Here Jacob’s journey comes to a critical point in the story, forcing him deeper into the Astral dimension.

If you’re interested in Astral Projection, and the vivid experiences and concepts which have been brought back, then you might be interested in picking up a copy.


Robert JR Graham

Author of “Seventh Journey”

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