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The visual body is another name for the astral body. The astral body is located at the fourth layer of the auric field and links us to the astral plain. When we sleep at night and experience dreams of flying and visiting distance place this is know as astral projection.

Within the wingmakers site and in the equinox books I use the term visual body a lot on the techniques. The reason why I use visual body is because a lot people have trouble with astral projection. So it is much easier to see one self in visual form.
Astral Projection – Bi-Location

Astral Projection is the ability of projecting the astral body also known as the fourth layer of the auric field out into the astral plain. When we astral project we experience sensations of flying and dreaming and visions of distant places this is known as astral projection. The astral plain is the plain of existence between both the three lower plains of the physical realm and the higher plains of the spiritual realms of our existence.

The first higher non-physical plane, one frequently hears about this in paranormal accounts. In the out-of-body and near death experience one is conscious on this plane. Right after one dies and before they reincarnate they are on this plane, and the first Guardian Angels are found here as well.

This is also called the emotional plane because the “matter” on this plane is what composes a feeling, desire, or emotion. Negative emotions and the realms of hell like “purgatory” exist on the lower sub planes, while positive on the upper. It is impossible for what we think of as “evil” to exist anywhere except from the mid astral on down, by definition. Astral (and higher) objects and bodies can not only go through physical matter in the same space without adversely affecting either side, but they can go through each other without much trouble, avoiding the collision aspect that happens with physical matter, although one can still interact much like on the physical.

In this section we are going to study astral projection through a couple of simple visual techniques prepare for this first technique you will need to lay down and get comfortable and relax.

Visual Technique

Step One
Now I want you to focus on the breath and follow the raise and fall of the chest while you breathe in and out do this till the mind is silent and you are at a point of deep relaxation.

Step Two
Now I what you to visualize your physical body and see your head elongating so that you are taller by three inches and hold it there.

Step Three
Then bring your attention down to your feet and elongate your body by three inches and hold it there for a moment and relax and feel at one with all things living and breath.

Step four
Now I want you to visualize that your legs are dropping down into the earth and relax and in your own time drop your arms down into the earth. Feel at one with the earth and go deeper and breath.

Step Five
Then bring your attention to your arms and legs and raise your arms and legs so that they are parallel with your body and as you do so see this elongated image of your body rising up above you about six inches and hold it there for a moment. You may feel a pulling sensation near the second chakra as you do this don’t worry if you do this is natural with astral project as there is a cord of energy between both the physical body and your astral body.

Step Six
Then in your own time drop this elongated body back into your body and return your head and feet to their natural position and make sure that are back to normal before you open your eyes.
Astral Projection
Bi location

In the image Above I have caught what is call the visual body or Astral Body on flim this is also known as Bi-Location.

The practice of stepping out can be done either in meditation or at any time. Stepping out is a visualization technique in which you can see yourself reversed inside your body, looking backwards. Imagine your etheric self turning around and looking at a point behind you. If it helps visualize that your visual body and see it turning around within your physical body.

You can really help this technique along if from time to time you just imagine what is behind you. It is like looking backwards with your mind not your eyes sight. It helps to open your reality to the feeling that your reality is not simply just in front of you but all around you.

Then in your own time imagine that your visual body is walking out and standing behind you.

Now with your right hand on your visual body reach out and touch a point behind you and notice the sensations with your body as you do this.

When you are ready turn your visual body around and walk your visual body back into your physical body and open your eyes

Practice this technique regularly and in no time you’ll be a natural at stepping out.


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