All who are interested in improving their lives in all areas, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, have read or followed some type of teaching, routine, diet, practice, advice etc. Some of these theories and practices work and some others don’t, sometimes it is lack of commitment, time, discipline, desire or the right mood… you name it. But we don’t follow up and we don’t obtain the mastery to make it happen, to make it stay and continue, in other words to really improve our lives as we expected t download (10)o.

If you want to be healthy you have to eat, five portions of fruits and vegetables a day, and remember, make it colorful! Eight glasses of water, exercise, meditate, think positively, declare what you want, visualize it etc. etc. And the promise is that if you do it all you will be healthier, stay young, be in peace, and have better relationships, prosperity, and more.

When I thought of all these theories going around for a long time now and so few people are able to achieve all, or any of it, I asked myself… “what is wrong with this picture?”

So are we doing it wrong, is it that we are lazy, not disciplined enough, not enough focus, lack of trust, faith, what is it?

All of the above has become also a way of life, always looking for something that works better, something to make us feel that we are working on ourselves, our own good and personal development, that we are part of the knowledgeable, that we are doing something.

But what is the main purpose of all these? Isn’t it being aware of who we are, and what we need?

We don’t need to be followers, we need to be leaders. Lead our own lives by trusting our senses, our feelings, our inner voice, our own wisdom. What’s good for you… no one knows it better than you. What it is you like is instinctive, but we don’t pay attention to that so much; we have the feeling, we know it deep inside, but we rationalize it, and send that inner knowledge to the background. To then, in many occasions say, I knew it! Have you had that experience before? I am sure we all have.

Be realistic, don’t hide the truth from yourself, we all know better.

So read a lot, learn techniques, theories, practice them, ask for advice, eat well, exercise, and drink water. But must important, stop, quiet your download (11)mind, and listen, observe, feel and be aware… then you will know.

You will know when there is a connection with, that person, song, food, practice, relationship etc. It is there, a feeling in all of you that makes it right. You make it your own. That is your path, yours, not the one on fashion, not the one everyone talks about or expect, the one that fits you and makes you feel at home, satisfied and in peace.

You are then in the right path, your path!

Diana Avendano

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