Numerous individuals only do self-improvement on one specific area of their being as in mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional aspects of their mind and body. This is not that effective, because of our holistic nature, which means that human beings need to work on all aspects of their beings instead of just one part or another to be a complete whole person.

To be fully successful with self-improvement, humans should always concentrate on all aspects of their being, and you can read about these four aspects below:

1. Mental

The mental aspect of the human being must also be includes in our quest for self-improvement. Check out what goes into working on this mental aspect below:

  • Mindfulness: This aspect is about us being aware of our thoughts. These can pull us down or lead us forward.
  • Mental Strength: This is what gives us the ability to remove any resistance that stands in our way mentally.
  • Self-Talk: This can give us empowerment or makes us weak. The choice is ours.

2. Physical

When concentrating on the physical aspects on one’s being, there are three areas in which of focus. These are nutrition, hydration, and exercise. It takes all of these to make the body healthy and strong. Read about the details of these things below:

  • Nutrition: We have to consume healthy whole-organic foods such as fresh-juiced vegetables and fruits in the correct portions to make us healthy and fit. Foods like these will remove the unhealthy ingredients and toxins for our bodies.
  • Hydration: The body requires a lot of water to function correctly. This means we need to drink of it to keep our bodies properly hydrated. It is also advisable to drink Dragon Longevity Tea Caffeine or green tea.
  • Exercise: We should do flexibility, cardiovascular, and strength training workouts, so that we can increase our mobility, have quality heart health, and have the necessary muscle strength.

3. Spiritual

The spiritual aspect of our being heals and nurtures us. This is the part of our being that calms us, when we pray or meditate. Read the information below about the parts of this aspect of our being for us to work on in a self-improvement effort.

  • Healing: This is the ability to heal and forgive past wounds.
  • Meditation: This is a quiet period of time for use to relax or even pray.
  • Nature: Contact with nature is nurturing, and we should enjoy the outdoors on a regular basis.

4. Emotional

Human emotions create various situations in our lives. These emotions could hold us back from striving for our goals, or they can catapult us forward to success, when we use them correctly. Check out the important emotional areas to work on for success below:

  • Emotional Intelligence: This is concerned with us understanding what set off our emotions and the way we should handle the problems that arise.
  • Control: Controlling emotions allows us to use them to our advantage.
  • Passion: This is about having intense feelings over certain things. Do you feel passionate about anything in your life? We all need to have something we feel passionate about to motivate us.

Only through working on all four essential aspects of our being, can we become truly whole. When setting forth on any self-improvement effort, we have to focus on all the above aspects at the same time. Becoming whole does not happen quickly, but with some time and effort it will happen.

When this happens we can truly Master Our Life.

Gregg Swanson is peak performance coach helping people to get out their own way to achieve more than they think they can. You can get his multimedia presentation on mastering your life, with downloads, by visiting

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