To those who are ready no words are necessary. To those who are not, no words are possible.

You might tell a child 1,000 times the same thing day after day and they might ignore you 1,000 times or 999 times. But if you close the door so they have no choice but to use the side door they might learn a new habit, then the telling is not required.

It is the same with Personal Mastery. The images (1) telling is there, the teaching is given in Personal Mastery.. and you might hear it 1,000 or 999 times, But if there is something wrong in your life or work, or your relationship then you might learn the new habit, and no words are required.

I teach all my clients the same words but some don’t remember, so, I repeat them 1,000 times… Balanced, Centred, Calm… Balanced, Centred, Calm… and I do this because I didn’t learn those words and the experiences that taught me those words by experience instead of listening, were awful and painful. So, it’s my compassion to keep saying those words over and over to those who have the time to listen. Balanced, Centred, Calm… Balanced, Centred, Calm.

We can’t give what we haven’t got… so, it is vital that we own the responsibility to be self sufficient and disciplined in our being. Nothing affects the child more than the unlived life of the parent, and unlived lives come from? You guessed it – Lost Balance, Centred, Calm.

You can’t give what you haven’t got, so as a leader your team and clients cannot be inspired about your business or product benefits more than you. So, what you judge in your mind, you breed in your children, attract in a partner or become in your work… And what is the essence of Unprocessed Judgement? You guessed it, Lost balance, centred, calm.

You can’t give what you haven’t got and you have a great compassionate heart and yet, if you are always tired, flustered, worried or in some form of dramatic self-absorption – overwhelmed by your own challenges, you can do little about that beautiful compassion you wish to turn to good for others. And guess what the cause of this self-determined sense of overwhelm, worry and exhaustion comes from? You’re right, Lost Balance, Centred, Calm.

Here’s a check list to help you learn the habit of balance, centred, calm.

Innerwealth Personal Mastery – Balanced, Centred, Calm


When we meet someone we admire, in any field of endeavour, we often refer to that individual as being a balanced person. Balanced on the outside within the scope of their work, love, family, wealth and health, balanced on the inside between ego, humility, self-awareness and appreciation for others. This is the first step in any Personal Mastery development. Sometimes the breath is out of balance, throwing the whole human mechanism out of balance. Sometimes the posture or stance is out of balance, stronger on the left or right, throwing the whole system into corrective adjustment. And sometimes the mind is out of balance throwing the whole of life into chaos. Right now is your body balanced squarely on your bum, feet or heat (whatever you are standing on)… is your breath balanced, is your mind balanced?


When we refer to the centre of something we refer not only to the physical centre but also to the core of it. The centre of a city is the focus of that city, the central intelligence or government of a nation, or, in the case of a person, we mean their authentic heart. It is a grounded, solid and powerful centre that makes an individual resilient, compassionate and believable. Between the centre and the periphery there is mind stuff, noise, emotion, chatter, clutter, ambition and ego. It is all important but it can also become the false centre of a person’s life. We teach clients how to cut through, instantaneously, to the core, centre and therefore find their heart and soul in whatever they do. What is in your heart right now? If it is not your VIP… Vision, Inspiration and Purpose then your centre is shrunk way below your privileged endowment of influence and giving. If it is not feel like love, gratitude, certainty, presence, compassion, kindness orimages (2) generosity… then you are definitely not centred in your best self.


Nervous tension destroys integrity and yet many of us carry a constant agitation which sucks and drains vitality. Calm starts with a contented mind, moves through phases of deep mind and arrives at the body in the nervous system as pure vitality. Enthusiasm, inspiration, passion, youthfulness are friends with calmness. Wise decisions, patience, good leadership and mental health are all relatives of calm. Traditional methods of teaching calm include yoga and meditation but these Eastern systems are, most often laborious and time consuming. Western process include alcohol, exhaustion, sport and food, but these lead to a laborious and boring inevitability – burn out and exhaustion. Calm is not passive, it is an energised stillness that cannot be broken even under the most extreme circumstance. Hold your hand in front of your face, does it tremble? Pass a glass of over filled water from one hand to the next, does it spill? Close your eyes do you feel busy in your head or quiet? Inspiration, passion, enthusiasm come from the chest, noise, stress, turmoil come from the mind. Closed eyes will reveal the waste or feel the space.

Chris Walker is a visionary business consultant and of the world’s leading facilitators of Personal/Professional Development. Author, consultant and professional speaker, his considered a leader in the field of human potential and lifestyles for success. His VIP and Mastery Programs have been attended by thousands of individuals around the world seeking tools to live life and manage their careers to their fullest potential.


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