Some people have written to me wanting to know about the dangers of astral projection.  Since I have only covered the benefits of learning astral projection I thought it would be fair to discuss some of the risks.

Q.  Can you physically die while astral projecting?

The Astral Sleep - by Jeroen van Valkenburg
The Astral Sleep – by Jeroen van Valkenburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A.  While you are out of your body, your body is as susceptible to death as it normally would be.  Someone could come in to your room and stab or choke you to death or even shoot you.  In fact, if your consciousness was outside your body you may not even hear them come in.  What you are probably wondering, however, is if some entity on the astral plane can attack and kill your astral body, thus causing the death of your physical body, right?

If this has happened to anyone, we would not know since they would not be alive to tell us.  I personally believe it is possible, but highly unlikely that you will die while astral.  I believe there are beings out there powerful enough and strong enough to sever your silver cord while you’re astral, but I think the actual chance of this happening is really small.  Your silver cord is the tether that keeps your astral and physical bodies attached while you’re incarnated.

Now, if someone kills your physical body while you’re astral, you’ll just move on like you normally would if you were inside your body when it died.

Q.  Okay, if the silver cord is our lifeline, how do we protect it and keep it safe?  Are we vulnerable if we go out too far?

A.  The silver cord is such an important and valuable part of your connection to your body and is extremely strong and durable.  It’s not like someone is going to come along and trip over it and break it.  The cord can stretch a really long way and not get tangled, torn, or cut.

But this is why I always caution people about learning astral projection.  It’s all about protection.  Protect your body, your cord, and your astral self.  Use white light, golden light, call upon your guides for protection, keep your vibration really high (avoid fear if you can help it) and ask Jesus, other ascended masters, and the angels, and even God to keep you safe while you travel.  It’s kind of like driving in a bad neighborhood at two in the morning with a sign on your car that says, “I have thousands of dollars in cash on me and I’m a wimp.  You could easily rob me.”  Don’t do it.  If you’re going to travel on the astral plane make sure your travel agent is archangel Michael and that he’s booked you in first class all the way!

Q.  Can a demon possess you while you’re astral?

A.  This was certainly my biggest fear when I began.  Read about my first encounter with astral projection to know what happened to me.  You’re probably imagining that if your consciousness is gone, can’t someone else take up residence in your body when you’re not there?  I don’t think it’s that easy, if it’s even possible.  A demon can only possess you if you let it, if you intend for it, if you’re vibrating so low that you easily vacate your body just for some relief from your life.  Like a vampire, you have to invite it in.  Still, there are entities who can suck your life force and drain you pretty good, so you want to avoid them as much as possible, unless you’re Buffy the Astral Demon Slayer. Again, make with the white light.  It’s your friend.

Q.  What’s this I hear about sex with demons?  Is this even possible and if so, is it a good idea or a bad idea?

A.  Demons vibrate at a level of consciousness that contains a lot of lust.  Astral sex with other astral beings is possible, and the orgasmic feeling is something you will likely never experience while you’re in your body.  But having a sexual union with an entity of a low vibrational frequency is probably not a good idea since you are feeding it some really vital energy when you consent to that.  When it comes to demons, abstinence is your condom.

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“Seventh Journey” A Book Series About Astral Projection Experiences

Jacob Cross is a scientist that creates a technology that instantly allows him to achieve instant Astral Projection, along with telepathy, remote viewing, and other paranormal powers.  The series borrows from researched real life astral project experiences, and paints a vivid descriptions of other dimensions.

Before fully understanding what Jacob had achieved, the technology was stolen and misused, accidentally releasing a demonic and destructive force called “Luzige.”  Now Jacob must come to terms with what he’s become, and use the technology to stop Luzige before it’s too late.

Seventh Journey Book I, revolves around Jacob’s initial Astral Projections, and Lucid Dreams.  It also introduces the antagonist, Edward Aidan, a ruthless leader within the Netex Corporation, who financed all of Jacob’s research.  Aidan also begins to use the technology Jacob invented, and begins having several astral experiences of his own, although much more negative in nature.

Book I has received great feedback from readers, and critics alike, winning an Editor’s choice award from iUniverse, a subsidiary of Penguin books.  Seventh Journey was also featured in a Readers Choice feature for Science Fiction and Fantasy novels.

Book II focuses on a different timelines, based on the same characters and events which unfolded for Jacob Cross in Book I.  Book II moves forward into the future, and explores an a dimension already ravaged by Luzige.  This is where the series really focuses on exploring several aspects of Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Energy work, and other psychic phenomenon.  Here Jacob’s journey comes to a critical point in the story, forcing him deeper into the Astral dimension.

If you’re interested in Astral Projection, and the vivid experiences and concepts which have been brought back, then you might be interested in picking up a copy.


Robert JR Graham

Author of “Seventh Journey”

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