Author DJ Stearns of The Allies & Adversaries Trilogy Interviews Robert J.R. Graham

First tell me a little bit about yourself and your book.

In the Seventh Journey Series, I’ve integrated over 20 years of research into lucid dreaming, astral projection technology and much more, into an action packed science fiction and fantasy series.

Tell me about when you started writing; Was it something you always wanted to do? Were you suddenly inspired by something?

Early on, I was inspired by a wild imagination, and various movies or books which touched on similar topics I’ve mentioned.  I can recall much of my youth was spent playing with toys, and imagining intricate story lines for my heroes.  Combined with a natural talent for communications and writing, I was able to quickly translate my stories to paper.

How long did it take you to write the book? How many more do you plan on there being?

The first draft of book 1 took me approximately 2 years to write while working full time in the technology field.  In my experience, some have said this was incredibly fast, while others asked what took so long?  So as with all things, it’s a matter of perspective.  The subsequent years were spent working on refinement, editing, and publishing.  I’m not sure how many I will write at this point, three at least.

Do you think that technology that we continue to develop can become dangerous? In what ways?

Even today, most foods, technologies, and vehicles for transportation or communications are untested.  No one really knows the effects of GMO foods, cell phones on our brains, Wi-Fi particles flying through our bodies, magnetic rays pulsating through the air, or even microwaves in our homes.  We’ve advanced a thousand years in the last hundred, but we have no idea how all of these chemicals or technologies will affect us long term.

Do you believe in other dimensions?

Absolutely I do.

What was the most difficult part of writing “Seventh Journey?” What was your favorite part of writing it?

The most difficult part of writing the Seventh Journey revolved around its villains.  The villains of the story are a critical focal point, revealing deep secrets and causing the reader think.

My favorite part was writing the vivid dreamscapes experienced by my main character, Jacob Cross.  These frequent trips into the other dimensions in Seventh Journey allowed me to stretch my imagination, and create rich worlds full of fascinating characters and experiences.  The best reader feedback is usually related to these otherworldly journeys.

What advice would you offer to other sci-fi/fantasy writers?

Write from your heart, and write what you know.  Use character traits from those around you, and use every life experience as an opportunity to build your story.  Make sure your story has a strong love subplot, and try to integrate current world events.  People also like to read things that give them knowledge about interesting topics, such as other cultures, and perspectives, so work that in as well.

What was your first interview like? Did it make you nervous?

My first interview took me approximately three days to prepare.  I was certainly nervous, as the minutes leading up to the phone call seemed to take years.  All of this for a 15 minute interview, and once it started, it was over before I knew it.  For those who would like to listen to my first interview, I’ve provided the link.

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