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“May your nose be in the fifth density when your body enters the fourth”.

I’ve been thinking about a few things over recent times. They have to do with the unique mathematics of The Mayans, aboriginal dreamtime, transmissions from star clusters, contemporary ayahuasca and Native American rituals. Despite occasional criticisms from those who have never taken accelerated inward journeys, I am convinced of the validity of such forays. I’ve mentioned, more times than I can recall, that in former times; in earlier times, it’s possible that such additives may not have been necessary. Then again, these experiences are a part of human history as far back as we have presently been recording, altering and fabricating it, in the interest of bankers and the Khazar psychopaths, who have profited from the distortions and… profited handsomely in the only coin they value. Their time is coming to an end.

It stands to reason that people have made internal quests with the assistance of the plant kingdom for this length of time because this length of time has all been Kali Yuga and is the warmest and dampest darkness, in which vile bacteria, masquerading as human, has breed and plundered at will.

I’m not going to talk about available comestibles and the employment of them. I don’t do that except in rare anecdotal moments, where I am providing some back story to things that I go through. What people may choose to engage in on their journey is not my affair. My affair and concern is the goal itself and certain mindsets that I believe also accelerate and validate ones progress and successes. That’s what I’m going to talk about today. I’m going to talk about the single most important practice and perspective that one can possess, in my opinion. This is inspired by my work on “Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World”, which I am finalizing at this time and which I have been writing about at the book’s end.

I get a lot of emails, of all kinds. One type of email that I get has to do with the slow progress and elements of confusion, desperation and despair that enters into the hearts and minds of the seekers in this time. The main problem that I notice, and the cause of the states of being just mentioned, appears to be due to reaching; trying to get somewhere so that something will finally exist or happen. It’s a Sisyphean endeavor. It’s one of the primary deceptions of the separated mind. It’s the idea that there is somewhere you have to arrive at when you are already there. It’s the recognition factor that’s missing. It’s the surrender and utter reliance factor that’s not being employed. Instead we have more of the ‘driven mechanics’ that I have spoken about and mentioned witnessing, as I travel through the illusionary world of desire fueled appearances.

This being and thing we call the divine, or refer to by any number of names, sexes and indefinable singularities, is a part of us. It’s not out there somewhere, apart from us in some kind of a distant heaven. It’s not separate from us. It’s not something other than us. It composes and animates everything and is (contradiction alert) also apart from us in a certain sense. Its power and presence make up everything and there is never a time in the cosmic order when there is more power manifest than there is in reserve. This is always the case. The material sun is the source of all physical life on Earth and symbolizes the internal spiritual sun that is the true source of everything, including the manifest sun, which obtains all its power and virtue from it. Those who have worshipped the material sun over the centuries are also afflicted with that same sense of separation, confusion, desperation and despair that I’ve alluded to. The true sun is within and that is the being we need to come into the presence of. We are already in that presence but our awareness of this is not activated. It’s the awareness of the indwelling that has to be ignited, as if it were a candle, or something lit that grants illumination in the darkness of the mind.

You become what you identify with. The key to unity is merging. If the mind defines itself as separated from something then the perception is of distance and separation. One would be greatly informed by reading the works of yogis and mystics, concerning their relationship to the divine. So long as you see yourself at a distance from the thing you seek then you are at a distance, at least in the way you understand it.

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