Your selective attention mechanism – the unconscious mind – processes a massive amount of information. Harvard and Yale studies report the unconscious can process between several Million and more than 30 Billion bits per second, while the conscious mind only processes less than 18 bits per second.

The unconscious has to reduce all that data to the minuscule amount the conscious mind can hold. Therefore, by learning to focus your attention on the present moment and utilize the most creative energy you have in that moment, you can achieve more and use less mental and physical effort.

If you have an intention, such as a dream you are hoping to make real, your valuable resources just beneath the surface will bring your attention to what it is you want. It’s the way our minds filter all the information we get in order to provide us with the nuts and bolts of our daily existence. We’re guided to notice what interests us the most; in other words, it is our intention that determines what will come in to our lives.

In a similar way, it is like buying a yellow Toyota and suddenly noticing yellow Toyotas wherever you go.

This is why it is so important to stay present and grateful to where you are now and to what your life is like. You can upgrade your life by directing your intention to new choices and preferences. You have new maturity and understanding, along with more information, that is yours to claim today.

The proof, the evidence, will be here for you according to the strength of your new understanding. You may have to exercise this muscle if it’s weak, with daily practice. Determine what you most want to achieve. If you have more than one goal, or secret dream, put all of your attention on just the strongest desire so you can see it all the way to completion. The satisfaction you get from feedback and the fulfillment that comes from climbing over all the hurdles will fill you with empowerment. You can either take on a new challenge, or raise the bar on the one you just completed, taking you to a place of greater expertise and mastery.

Here’s one of the tools you can use. There are other tools but this is a launching pad to take you in the direction of reaching your greatest dreams: Write down your goals in your own handwriting. Write a single statement many times – write it over and over. Read it often, especially just as you are about to fall asleep, and when you first wake up in the morning. This is your life, take it seriously and practice.

Does this mean you don’t have to move, change jobs, or leave the spouse? Practice gratitude for what you have. Focus on strengthening your talents and Divine gifts by noticing and appreciating what is working. All of your uncertainties, frustrations or confusion about how to get out of feeling stuck will fall away as the gentle rain of your new understanding will wash away old worn out patterns of thinking without awareness, and fertilize the rich new soil you prepared with the fruits of your intention.

Plant your intention and allow for the work to be done by the part of you that works in your behalf below the surface – while you live your life with great respect and self-regard. You must be present – in the moment – to be ready and available so you can act on the steps that will come your way. It’s the way the Law of Attraction operates. This is your time to bloom.

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