Create the Life You Want With Love


How can love create the life you want?

To-love-being-loved21This may sound a bit of a simplistic statement. Most people associate the word love with sexual or romantic love. But in fact, love is much much more than that. I am talking of love in the sense of unconditional love. The sort of love that you might feel for a child or a pet. It is love without expectation of an outcome. Simply being there for someone else without judgement. It is the feeling you have when you allow yourself to really feel and open your heart. Imagine the feelings when you see a beautiful sunset or hear some really uplifting music or watch a “weepy” film. Many of us are afraid to talk of love. It can be seen as weak or soppy. But love is just the opposite. Love is strong and very very powerful. That is why I believe that you can create the life you want with love.

Love can change not just your own life but the world. This may sound slightly far fetched and a bit airy fairy, but let me give you a few examples. I remember reading of a young boy who had drowned and lay in a coma in a hospital bed. Doctors said he would most likely never come round and if by some chance he did then he would be brain damaged and a vegetable. His mother did not accept this and invited visitors to come to his room. They did not have to say anything, they just felt love for him and sent their love and energy to the boy and then went. After a period of time the young boy came round and got his life back. How amazing is that.

Think of the dreadful things that happen when there is a lack of love. Think of the wars and fights and violence. How people feel anger and hurt and pain and a sense of lack.

2110So you soon realise that love is very powerful and important. There are experiments that have been done when two plants receive different treatment. One is talked to with words of hate, the other with love and encouragement. The one spoken to with love flourishes and does better. They are not fed or watered any differently. Just talked to differently. You can take a group of two children and tell one that they are stupid, or worthless or not good at something and tell the other how special they are and how they can do something and guess which group does better?

People really do respond to love and it can change situations. I know of a girl that was subject to bullying behaviour. She didn’t fight back, she told them that she loved them anyway even if they were being mean. They left her alone.

And have you watched what happens if you’re driving and either you let someone in the queue or they let you in? I’ve observed it over and over and find that it spreads. Either you let someone else in or the person you’ve let in does. And how do you feel when you’re let in and don’t have to sit waiting. You may argue that this is just politeness but it is love. Just little examples – but consciously sending love to yourself and others really can make a huge huge difference and help you create the life you want.

Loved-or-loving-e1310744696324There are also several books by someone called Klaus Joehl the first of which is called “Living on Love“. In them he talks about the effect that sending love can have on yourself and other people. You can change situations simply by sending love. So if there is something that is not working in your life, something that you wish to change, you can send it love. You can read the book for free.

If you practice feeling love for people and situations then it will help you create the life you want. You will feel good inside yourself and invoke similar feelings in others. You will start to feel gratitude and appreciation and it really does have a kind of snowball effect.

Anyway, the best way to see whether you agree with what I am saying is to try it for yourself. It doesn’t cost anything and you can do it right away. So why not practice feeling love towards people and situations and see what happens. And do let me know of any interesting stories!

Jill Graham is a qualified complementary therapist and uses different healing modalities. It is possible to live the life you want and to move away from blocks and obstacles, limitations and restrictions to operate from a centred place of power so you experience more freedom and fullness in every area of your life.

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