The rise of big data means that companies are fighting to get as much data as possible from every source that is relevant to their business. You need to be extracting data or you could fall behind in your industry. So don’t miss out on the opportunity for key insights in your space. Here are the benefits of web information extraction:


Market Research

People live their lives online today, and that is great news for smart businesses. Without knowing what your customer want, you can’t possibly deliver great products or customer service. You need to know how to approach your market and deliver the best results possible.


Screen scraping and other forms of web info extraction allow you to do just this. You can see what kind of information websites are putting out their about your market. From buying habits, to forum contributions, your market is leaving you clues about what they need, want, and desire. Knowing this puts you on the right track. Without it, you’re left shooting in the dark and wasting money on the wrong things.


Product Creation

Scouring the web manually to see what products are hot or trending is a fool’s errand. You can automate this process with the right web extraction tools. Find out what keywords are being used mostly by your market and then build products around that.


You can even use big data to guess what kind of sales numbers you can expect. That way, you aren’t putting time and attention into products that are not likely to turn out well. The end results is a lean business process that only puts the best products out to market.


Competitive Analysis

If you don’t know what your competitors are doing, then you are missing out on a major advantage. When you know their strategy, you can counter it effectively. If not, you might be playing right into their hands without realizing it.


Among your web scraping, make sure you are also looking at your competitors and not just general industry sites. You might be surprised by what you find. And if your biggest adversary is offering a product or site that seems to be getting high conversions, then copy it or innovate beyond it.



Great marketing is the true mark of a great business today. When you have great marketing, it leads to sales and makes that process easier. However, if you don’t track and collect marketing data, then you are leaving money on the table.


Make sure you are collecting data from visitors using analytics and seeing the conversion rates. This lets you cycle the best performing ads based on the factors that are relevant to your business. Perhaps it is the email subscription, free trial, or purchase. Whatever your metrics are, don’t do another marketing campaign without having them in your sights.



Security is big business today. However, it is bigger for the cyber criminals which means many business don’t have their eyes on it. They think they are not going to be targeted. The reality is that every company has data that is valuable to hackers, and you better believe they are tracking and scraping everything they can find.


Part of proper scraping is applying it to your own sight so you can identify weaknesses in your system. These can come in many forms. Sometimes, a script goes rogue on your site. Or you might have a hole in your firewall. Worse yet, there could be penetration on your interior system. No matter where the threat is coming from, if you don’t know about it you can’t stop it.


Today, digital technology has evolved quickly to bring everyone online. From their phones to their computers, people are putting out information for you to collect. And if you don’t do anything with it then your competitors surely are. So review the benefits above of scraping that data put together a plan to use it in your own venture.


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