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Thank you for your continued interest in my website, and content.  What I have aimed to do here is to ensure that the most relevant, and helpful information for self development is always available to my audience.  I have worked for years in understanding the best and most practical methods to develop real, and applicable skills in a variety of areas.  Physical, Mental, and Spiritual development categories to name a few.

My active imagination, and exposure to various worlds of content allowed me to create an enticing world of intrigue, espionage, and endless possibilities.  I’m calling this work “The 7th Journey.”  For those familiar with this book, the Limited Edition version is currently available, until September, where I will launch the newly published version through my new publisher – iUniverse.

The new version will include scores of original artwork from acclaimed artist Ryan Lord, a newly designed cover, and vast enhancements to the overall work.  I’m extremely excited about this new edition, which will come in Hard Cover, Paperback, ebook, and will be available in stores world wide.  Specifics for North America are as follows:

Canadian Market (Physical copies, and ebook):

– Chapters, Indigo, Coles locations  (online and in-stores)

– Kobo ebook reader

– (physical copies, and ebook)


American Market (Physical copies, and ebooks): (Barnes & Noble)



– Ebay

– Inborders


Book Launch Details

Further book launch details will be coming soon!

Expect a local book signing at a Chapters, Indigo, or Coles location near you, and also TV, Radio, and Print Marketing coverage!


Kind Regards,

Robert J. R. Graham

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