Seventhjourneycover2In about 2 hours (12PM) I will be signing copies of Seventh Journey Book 1 at Mississauga’s Square One Chapters Book Store.  This will be my third Book Signing at a Chapters location this year.  I’d like to thank Chapters for being so gracious and supportive of Canadian Talent.

Seventh Journey Book 1 is a unique story with many twists and turns.  The work has been described as “Not Your Typical Book” and myself as “Not Your Typical Author.”  Reader’s Digest calls it “A Book You’ll Love To Share.” With Dimensions, Conspiracy, Advanced Technology, and Real World Research, there is indeed quite a bit to the series, by design.

I’m really excited to share this thrilling work with the Chapters community.  It’s not only filled with authentic research into real-world government prototype technologies, but I’ve taken it to another level, exploring what these discoveries might mean for the world.  There’s conspiracy, romance, martial arts action, inter-dimensional travel, and new and exciting villains and powers, which I hope you’ll enjoy!

I’m looking forward to meeting some more open minded Sci-Fi fans today, and opening up some interesting conversations with fans.  Stop by if you can!


-Robert Graham

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