Boundaries for Prosperity
by: Dr. Marlene McMillan

How do we define our boundaries? Nearly all would recognize that some kind of limitation on human behavior is required. Clearly, boundaries must be set for personal life, family life, community life, and national life.

What many do not realize, however, is that boundary lines should be drawn by principles. Principles never change, but their practical applications must change with the times.

There are boundaries for all spheres of life: boundaries on individual behavior, local government, national government, businesses, corporations, etc. In societies that value liberty, boundaries are a good thing. They show limits, and reward good behavior and punish bad behavior.

Civil laws are not just “made up” – they are a codification of the immutable laws of the universe that are written down in such a way as to be applicable to the times. Laws regarding the proper behaviors of horses near saloons are now outdated, but are based on the same principles as laws regarding car-parking etiquette today.

Anyone who thinks that earthly governments are the highest authorities in operation fails to understand that the laws of the universe go beyond the power of any government. Governments are instituted with limited authority, a limited sphere of influence, and restrictions on their use of power. These limits, and their proper observance, are very important. Nothing less than the sustainability and vibrancy of world governments are at stake.

Individuals and families are also under the same laws as governments. They are to think and act on principle, to obey the laws of the universe, and by extension the laws of the land. Parents should govern their families, and individuals should govern themselves, for this is what a nation’s liberty is based on.

When individuals, families, and governments set boundaries according to the laws of the universe, that nation will flourish because its citizens are self-governing, its authorities only operate within their jurisdiction, good behavior is rewarded, bad behavior is punished, laws are upheld, principles are adhered to, and liberty is treasured.

When boundaries are set according to universal principles, true liberty flourishes, and prosperity abounds. Boundaries and laws should not be restrictive as they are in countries burdened by oppression or ruled by tyrants. In their ideal form, boundaries should give liberty by setting the limits and standards of behavior, and therefore allow people to operate more freely within those boundaries. The truth is, laws and boundaries can bring greater liberty, and multiply prosperity across all of society.

The preservation of Liberty depends on you. It’s time to discover liberty or lose it.


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